There are new advancements in technology every day, so why are you keeping to the same electronics you’ve used for years? Explore some of the awesome new(ish) tech items that everyone needs at home.

Awesome Tech Item #1: Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon’s Echo Dot (also known as Amazon Alexa) needs to be a staple in your home. The Echo connects to an app on your phone, and from there it basically comes to life. An AI (artificial intelligence) named Alexa powers the Echo Dot. You can ask Alexa questions and she’ll find the answers online, use her to set alarms and reminders, or ask her to find and play music for you. The Echo Dot is compatible with all Bluetooth speakers as well as anything that has an AUX slot. Connect her to an external speaker if you like your music loud. You can also connect several Echo Dot’s together in your house, so the music, reminders, and Alexa’s witty personality can come with you from room to room.

Whether you’d like to listen to your favorite songs, play Quran around your house, listen to audio books, poetry or anything else, Alexa has it all.

You can buy the Third Generation Echo Dot in a few different colors off, and use the code YAS at checkout for an extra 10% off your purchase.

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Awesome Tech Item #2: Virtual Reality Headset

A Virtual Reality (or VR) headset can be connected to your mobile phone and your head to create the illusion that you are in a completely different place. The idea is that you find a 360 video on your phone of anywhere in the world, connect it to the headset, then put it on your head. The headset has adjustable focus and makes it seem as if you are really in the location of the video. You’ll be able to walk around, turn your head and get complete, 360-degree views of anything from a busy street in Barcelona to The Great Barrier Reef. This is great for people who are currently unable to travel, miss their hometowns, or just want to experience something new!

VR headsets are available on Noon with a 10% discount if the code YAS is used at checkout, thanks to VoucherCodesUAE!

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Awesome Tech Item #3: An LED Projector

TV’s are cool and all, but have you ever watched your favorite movie on a projector?

Projectors are less expensive than televisions, and usually a lot more fun. So long as you have one blank wall, you can choose what size to project your movie and do it straight from your laptop, tablet, or even cellphone! There are so many possibilities when it comes to projectors: you can have movie nights with family and friends, play loops of videos or images for a live slideshow, use it for entertainment or use it for decoration. So many options! Projectors are easy to use and great for people of all ages. Several different kinds are available for purchase on, and if you use the code ‘YAS’ you can get 10% off!

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