No doubt the COVID-19 did more harm than good, but the one (and probably the only) positive thing resulting from this pandemic was that nature got a break too. All the pollution and noise and depletion of natural resources came to a complete halt when the whole world was under lockdown these past few months. Now that life is gradually coming back to normal, with of course the safety measures in practice,  we’re aware of certain things. One of these being to take care of nature as well as the things we’ve been blessed with. And what better way to welcome the new normal than by connecting with nature itself?

VoucherCodesUAE presents to you the first biodome in the Middle East, a must-visit place in the region. Here’s all you need to know about The Green Planet— the closest representation of the natural world in a man-made ecosystem. In this article, you can read the most crucial information about The Green Planet in Dubai. And if you do make up your mind to visit this amazing attraction, use the code “GP10” to get 10% off on your tickets!

What is a biodome and why visit The Green Planet in Dubai?

natural ecosystem in a Green Planet Dubai

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A biodome is a model built to represent a particular environment and the community of organisms that live there. These engineered environments are a way to represent ecosystems so as to study how living and non-living things interact in their natural environments.

Artificial as it may technically be, these structures are a truly important aspect in a lot of ways. Biodomes educate visitors about the importance of our natural ecosystems and also raise awareness in their protection and conservation. They not only allow the protection of soil but also of water and species of wild plants and animals, among others. So without further ado, here’s one of the finest biodomes in the world and one you ought to visit.

About Green Planet Dubai


The Green Planet why is worth to go

The Green Planet in Dubai is an expansive botanical museum featuring an indoor rainforest with living plants, animals, and birds. It is the region’s first bio-dome and home to more than 3000 plants and animals. The model recreates the enchanting world of tropical rainforest in an enclosed ecosystem. Its main aim is to contribute to the environmental consciousness in the region.

Why visit The Green Planet?

This mini-tropical forest in itself is a place for people all ages and provides a wonderful opportunity to learn interesting facts about tropical ecosystems. It inspires people to respect and care about every single plant and animal that inhabits the Earth. Kids can also get enrolled for educational and recreational activities under their TGP Academy. These courses are best for raising awareness and educating children about the various plants and animals on the planet. Besides ensuring its visitors to enjoy an up-close educational and fun experience, this man-made ecosystem aims to impress them with a novel green oasis in the city of Dubai. Make sure you have plenty of time in your hands when you visit this beautiful attraction!


City Walk, Al Wasl, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Operating Hours

Monday to Saturday: 10 AM to 6 PM.

How long does it take to explore Green Planet Dubai?

It takes roughly two hours to complete your tour of The Green Planet.

What can you expect here?

The Green Planet animals and crucial information

The Blue Iguana at The Green Planet

The Green Planet’s highlight is that this unique ecosystem houses the world’s largest man-made and life-sustaining tree. The bio-dome has 4 levels of interaction for the visitors with fascinating animal and plant species. Apart from the birds flying over your head, you will also be able to see the Burmese python, archerfish, squirrel monkeys, sugar glider, bat cave, emerald tree boa, a leaf-cutter ant, and many other animals belonging to the oldest living ecosystem.

Each of the four levels has a different set of animals, birds, and plant species which you can explore via a spiral walkway around the giant tree. These levels comprise of:

The Canopy

This is the topmost level of the biodome, which forms the roof of the rainforest and absorbs the sunlight. This level stands at an astounding height of approximately 30-45 meters above the ground.

The Midstory

This is the middle layer of the ecosystem, with trees having large leaves that absorb any sunlight filtered through the canopy. The highlights of this level are the amusing squirrel monkeys found throughout South America.

The Forest Floor

This is the quiet, humid, and dark layer that barely receives any light. The newest members of the Green Planet in Dubai are found here— the Sugar Gliders. Another interesting feature of this layer includes the Leaf Cutter Ants, coming all the way from the rainforests of South America

The Flooded Rainforest

This layer receives over 3m of rainfall every year and thus provides the perfect living conditions for all animals. This layer houses various land and water animals, of which the Motoro Rays (one of the unique species of Stingrays found in South America) and Archer Fish are the interesting ones.

With different creatures moving around here and there and waterfalls gushing about, the Green Planet Dubai is truly an experience for the senses. In addition to the sightseeing activities, there are various other things to engage in at this place. Where’s the fun if you tell you all, right? So visit yourself to find out more!

Safety Measures

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The first thing on everyone’s minds rights now is day out essentials before heading out to any place surely is— “is it safe?”. However, the management at Green Planet is adhering to strict safety measures as deemed fit in this post-COVID-19 scenario. These safety measures are being implemented to ensure the well being of all its visitors.

Deep cleaning sessions, social distancing, cashless transactions, and temperature checks are some of these measures being strictly implemented here.

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