“Your Soul is Mine”

This is exactly what the mobile apps owners are doing with customers. Privacy advocates like to call mobile phones by a more menacing name: tracking device. Mobile apps log the pages people brows, the product they buy, and the videos they watch. Many apps also note their user’s location and, over time, glean their daily routines. According to a survey, 48% of all free apps and 32% of paid apps across app store (Apple, Android) offered in-app access to a privacy policy or terms and conditions.

Concern about this kind of data tracking has pushed smart phones and tablets to the front lines of the privacy database. Critics say companies need to do a better job of disclosing the kind of information they collect and with whom they share it. The industry, on the other hand, worries that too many restrictions could interfere with its growth.

People’s Reviews!

The number of mobile users is increasing day by day. Americans own more than 125 million smart phones and 50 million tablets. Among them, more then half have uninstalled an app or declined to download one because of worries about sharing personal information. According to a survey, one in five cell phone users have turned off location tracking on their device to prevent apps from logging about their whereabouts.

Personal data can be a lot of things: a first and last name, an e-mail address, a telephone number, location data and many more.

personal data

The privacy policy or terms and conditions page is really about keeping web business honest. It is transparency in the possible collection of personal data, and shows that the owner respects the customer and users. For companies or applications that offer large catalogs of products, their policy statements can be very long and extending into many pages in some circumstances. But, regardless of the size of the business, it should be just plain, common courtesy to let your customer know what is being done with their information and in simple and understandable wording.

This is a war between app developers and customers which is still going on. Let’s see who wins. However, while downloading any app from app stores, please read the terms and conditions. Don’t consider it wastage of time because any panic situation may arise. So be careful next time.