Majority of the people are staying home in an attempt to flatten the curve and slow down the coronavirus pandemic. This has proved to be not only heroic, but also a challenging thing to do. So we are here to help.

VoucherCodesUAE presents a list of electronics that have made life easier and fun during the quarantine.

Theatre system to revive the experience

Going to the cinema feels like a distant memory, right? Bring cinema to your home with the help of Sony DVD Theater System and emulate the movie theater experience. With easy and accessible assemblage, you can organize your new “theatre room” in the most pleasing way possible. Expand your TV and music experience by connecting it throughout the house.

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AED: 429

Sony Dvd Home Theater System - electronics for quarantine

Pair up your home theater with Amazon’s best-selling Hisense 55 Inch UHD Smart TV. Watch all your favorite shows and make the best out of this stay at home time. Get the finest picture quality and have some thrilling time with your family.

AED: 1199

Hisense 55 Inch UHD Smart TV - electronics for quarantine

Camera to keep your kids engaged

Are kids giving you a tough time during these quarantine days? Keep them busy with a lot of pictures! Amerteer kid toy Digital Camera captures great photos as compared to other cameras in the market. It’s made of high-grade and eco-friendly materials that are non-toxic. Get your kids to record their memorable moments. It is easy to carry and operate.

AED: 67.99

Amerteer kid toy Digital Camera - electronics for quarantine

Phones to keep you connected

Before the quarantine, cell phones were a blame game, end game. It was accused for severing connections and interfering with real human interaction. Now, cellphones are the only thing to keep you connected with your close ones. All those who are in isolation away from home and their families, this is the only means of keeping in check. With the great Ramadan deals going on KUL you can get any mobile phones in your budget. Check out KUL discount code.

Smart Phone - electronics for quarantine

Smartwatches to stay organized

Admit it. Technology has made our lives easier and organized. With the invention of smartwatches, managing time and work have become a left-hand job. Pun intended. Apple Watch Series 5 GPS, arguably the best smartwatch offers all the features of a smartphone. When working from home, smartwatches have come in extremely handy to organize quarantine routine. From fitness tracking to scheduling meetings, smartwatches have become a helpful companion. Order yours through Amazon and get your life organized while staying at home.

AED: 1699

Apple Watch Series - electronics for quarantine

Playstation for recreation

Sony Playstation 4 with a stunning new design displaying more realistic visuals is actually a must-have. It is fast, personal, and easier to share the fun. Connect with your friends and family and let the games begin. Besides entertainment, it also helps in giving you the mental space- an escape from home. Ordering on Amazon, you can avail 14% discount.

AED: 1198

Sony PlayStation 4 - electronics for quarantine

Treadmill for the workout

With no access to gyms, how do you see yourself stepping out of quarantine? The same. Thanks to the fact that you can build your own gym at home. Switch to home workouts to keep yourself in shape. A proper workout routine would ease anxiety and help make you stay healthy and in shape. Powermax Fitness TDA treadmill is multifunctional equipment to shed some extra fats.  Order on Amazon and get 45% discount.

AED: 2199

Powermax Fitness TDA - electronics for quarantine

Headphones to power up

Bose 700 wireless noise-canceling headphones will keep your head high during quarantine. It gives you easy access to voice assistants for music, navigation, and time-based power information. Relax to good music without missing anything important. You don’t need to reach for your phone to answer the calls. Intuitive touch controls on the ear cups make life so much easier. Make good use of 11 levels of noise-canceling control distractions and enjoy up to 20 hours of wireless battery life. You can place your order on Amazon to get 12% discount.

AED: 1449

Bose 700 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones - electronics for quarantine

Bose 700 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones


Staying at home can be made a lot of fun with the electronics for quarantine mentioned above. It is normal to have negative thoughts popping in everyone’s head as a result of the ongoing situation. So instead of worrying about everything, thinking positive and engaging in fun activities would ease the situation and would let you stay positive for sure!