Table decoration, let’s start there.

April 12 commences the holy month of Ramadan and the first step is a thorough house clean, a revamp of spaces, and the initiation of new furniture. So, the best time to get started is now.

As streets are lit with lanterns, and homes are decorated to welcome family and friends, the dining table takes the center stage. The focal point ensures coming together for a grand feast. And as they say, a family that eats together stays together.

VoucherCodesUAE presents to you the Ramadan Collection from Pottery Barn featuring festival essentials for a fine dining experience. With this collection you can instill the joyous mood without overdoing it, focusing only on relishing the scrumptious cuisines.

Here are our favorite Ramadan must-have dining decors.

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Purple and Rose Gold Table Cloth

purple table cloth Pottery Barn VoucherCodesUAE

The table is one of the key places where all family and friends huddle together to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan. It is also the easiest and the loudest space for a makeover. A new table cloth will instantly give an impression of brand-new furniture. Pottery Barn has got you spoilt for choice when it comes to impressive table cloths, but our favorite is the Purple and Rose Gold from the Thalia Collection. The golden intricate embroidery against the backdrop of lavender purple gives a royal impression, and we simply love it.

Purple and Rose Gold Table Cloth

AED: 255

Ceramic Teapot

white teapot Pottery Barn VoucherCodesUAE

Ideal for a perfect Ramadan tea party, this Ceramic Teapot wins with its simplicity. A white Arabic teapot complete with a fine golden lining, this classic piece can be used regularly to give a warm welcome to the guests. Who doesn’t love a good cup of tea? And a good cup?

AED: 146.25 (25%off)

Diffuser Collection – Neroli Jasmine

diffuser Pottery Barn VoucherCodesUAE

Ambiance plays a key role in determining the mood of the place. Diffusers are one such new invention that stirs up the air and renders health benefits. The healing properties of the essential oils are not unknown, and with diffusers, its potency has reached a whole new level. Besides promoting better sleep and better emotional health, diffusers are also known to make you resistant to cold and flu. We recommend the Neroli Jasmine Apothecary Diffuser Collection, which is made from the flowers of Seville oranges and jasmine that grow in Morocco.

Check out the product here: Apothecary Diffuser Collection – Neroli Jasmine

AED 57.50  205.00

Chester Brushed Lantern

Chester Brushed Lantern pottery barn

Since Ramadan is celebrated as the “night of power” when the Quran was first revealed to Muhammad, lanterns are an integral part. Symbolizing guidance, hope, and light, these decorative lanterns can be handcrafted for the holy month. If not, this Chester Brushed Metal Lantern carved in the modern minimal pattern is a beautiful piece of art. Suited to be used outdoors and indoors alike, there are calmness and stillness to this metal lantern.

AED: 525

Failaka Dinner Plate set

caspian blue Pottery Barn

The season to feast calls for an exceptionally beautiful plate and palette. We heart the Failaka Dinner Plate in Caspian Blue featuring gold patterns, to make the adage “served on golden platter” a reality. These plates can be paired with matching pieces in the collection (sold separately) and we are pretty sure everyone will be raving about it.

Check out the product: Failaka Dinner Plate

AED: 230 (Set of 4)


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