Accessories Guide for real genteman

Finding your style is more than just having a closet full of clothes. It is more about knowing how to turn your old look into a new one. Accessories are those amazing outfit additions that make you stand out.

Think about it this way, the shirt that you bought a few days ago looks great on you but it also looks good on the other dude who bought the same shirt. Also, your pants look incredible on you, but they also look incredible on hundreds of other men who own the same pair.

Accessories are where you will take an outfit that is average and make it extraordinary. However, that’s the part which most of us tend to overlook. So, VoucherCodesUAE brings you 7 essential accessories that every guy should own. Also, get an additional 10% off on all of the accessories listed below only on H&M with H&M promo code and with exclusive Noon Coupons that you can use when checking out of your cart.

Accessories for gentleman


Essential accesories for every stylish man

A solid black tie

Assuming that the majority of the gentlemen already possess a charcoal grey suit, a black tie is a must-have. Add a black tie, a tie bar and a white cotton pocket square to the suit and you are ready to roll. A simple pocket and a tie bar adds pop and panache to your outfit so you are gonna be looking dapper no matter what.

Grooming kit

A grooming kit is an essential item for men who believe in looking sharp and staying hygienic all year round. A good grooming kit includes both skin and hair products, besides a shaving kit and a trimmer. There is no need to break a bank to curate your grooming kit, thanks to affordable options on Noon and Amazon, with an additional saving benefit from VoucherCodesUAE. Staying tuned in has never been this easy.


The challenge isn’t to smell good, but it is to pick up the right perfume for you. Since every individual has different PH levels, so what works for me, might not work for you. However, you can check this list of 7 best winter fragrances for a gentleman to help you get started on your cologne game. The idea is that your perfume becomes integrated with your identity. A good Eau de Parfum lasts up to eight hours with just a few doses of spray.

Accessories guide for genteman


Glasses have long been an influential accessory that seems to last all season long. Whether you want to go classic or modern, sunglasses play a crucial role in determining the overall appeal of your look. It helps upgrade your casual look to a stylish one while rendering a perfect symmetry of your face. Our pick is the club masters and aviators from H&M because of the raving review that it fits any face shape.


In the case of a true gentleman, a watch is the best piece of accessory that you can wear. A watch sends a subliminal message that you are reliable and responsible. It’s not only functional but fashionable as well. Moreover, you don’t need to spend a lot of bucks to have a sweet watch. There are a lot of amazing options out there that are less expensive but looks luxurious as long as you wear them right.

Watch Box

Another one of accessories for gentleman is a watch box or a watch winder box depending on what your watch collection consists of. The thing is that you don’t want your watches all over the place. You want them neatly positioned in a box. Not only is it gonna help you choose the watch in the morning to go with the outfit you are putting together, but its also gonna protect it from dust.


No, bags aren’t just for women. It is a great piece of accessories and can greatly enhance the look of your outfit irrespective of the gender. Opt for something that looks goods and gives you the benefit of carrying a bag, whether it is a briefcase, a shoulder bag or a casual backpack. However, be mindful when choosing the bag that goes with your outfit. Don’t end up carrying a camping bag with a suit.


Accesories for stylish man

Pen and a sleek wallet

Pens can also be looked upon as a valuable accessory for a gentleman as when you pull it out, people notice. When you hand it to somebody to write or use, they notice. A super sleek wallet will enhance the looks of your pants because jamming a big mack in your pocket definitely distorts it. A wallet is sort of a pen, you don’t think of it as an accessory but people notice when you pull it out.


It is getting cold out there and a lot of guys are not capitalizing on an opportunity to add a little bit more something to their outfit. Which basically means adding scarves and using them properly. Not just for the functionality of keeping you warm but also in terms of fashion. It is a good way to add some more color, texture, and pattern to your outfit. There are different kinds of scarves for you to choose from at H&M and they can be used in many different ways. You can just drape or loop it around your neck. You can also dress them up with a suit or wear it casually.


When chosen properly a belt is an amazing way to add a stylish finishing touch to a great outfit. A cool, coordinated belt can add a subtle detail and dimension to your look. Belts are amazing accessories for man that can help you showcase your individual taste, personality, preference, and flair. They also serve a function as they keep your pants up and are a must-have for every man.