Life is stressful, there is no other way to go about it. You learn and grow through these situations in life. We don’t have to tell you that too much stress can be harmful. So, taking a break with stress relief products is good for your body and mind.

Today, you will learn how stress relief products can calm your mind and soothe your body in different ways. Come on, you deserve to have a day for yourself!

Stress relief products that you absolutely need to try!

Self care day with stress relief products

Right now, as you work through the quarantine, being aware and calm at all times, can be stressful. Even without the pandemic, working so many hours, endless updates in life, it can get overwhelming for you.

You don’t need to book a day at the spa or a beach. Instead, you can de-stress at home! VoucherCodesUAE compiled a list of affordable stress relief products that will help you cope with stress and worry.

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1. Oil aromatherapy diffuser

Stress relief products to use at home

Aromatherapy has a direct effect on the brain which causes anxiety and stress. Essentials oils help in decreasing your heart rate and blood pressure, which allows you to relax. Oil diffusers are the right stress relief products while you relax with a book and a cup of tea surrounded by tea party essentials.

Yes, we understand that aromatherapy may not be for everyone. If you’re a starter we believe that you should start with Rose, Vetiver, and Cinnamon oils.

On top of that, oil diffusers are affordable, versatile, and convenient. They can help you to relieve pain, improve respiratory health, and promote good sleep patterns. Honestly, they are such a huge boost to your mood.

Our pick is the above, Waterless Pure Essential Oil Diffuser.

Price: AED 99.69 – 196.00

2. HydroGel sheet mask

Stress relief products for home

Hydrogel face masks are the latest beauty trend upgrade. We are sure, you have heard of it! Amazing stress relief products that have quickly replaced the good ol’ paper or cotton mask.

Hydrogel face mask fit better on your skin and is environment friendly. They are way more hydrating as most of them have hyaluronic acid. You look a little bit less funny too. Here, take this see-through mask.

Our pick is Fonce Korea Collagen Face Mask.

Price:AED 39.42/ lot(10 pieces)

3. Acupuncture mattress

Stress relief products for everyday usage

Acupressure needle stimulation pad or acupuncture mattress are foam mats with thousands of sharp short plastic needles. You have to lie down or stand barefoot on the mat… Doesn’t sound quite relaxing, does it? But the people who use it say otherwise.

You can relieve stress and anxiety as well as promote good health conditions. If you don’t have the time or money to visit an acupuncturist, just get this acupuncture mattress.

Our pick would be this Acupressure Massage Mat Pillow Set.

Price: AED 91.83 – 124.82

4. Weighted blanket

excellent products for stress relief

If you haven’t heard of weighted blanket yet, trust us, you’re missing out. These are soft quality cotton fabric, filled with high-density glass pellets which are non-toxic and tasteless.

You guessed right, these are simply heavy blankets. At-home therapy which is kind of similar to deep pressure therapy. Research has shown that these specific products for stress relief can calm a restless body, reduces anxiety, and improve sleep.

Can you believe a blanket can actually do all this? Amazing. Our pick is the SunnyRain 1-Piece Weighted Blanket.

Price:AED 218.70 – 781.13

5. Journal


Stress relief products

First of all, if writing doesn’t tempt you, it’s okay. You don’t have to jot down every memory or incident that happened during the day.

You can track just important dates and events. When you take a day off, you can reflect back and track your personal growth. Jotting down your emotions and experience, while observing your behavior patterns, can help you see how things can be done differently.

Our pick is the Constellation hardcover beautiful blank journal.

Price: AED 35.34 – 36.33

6. Sleep pillow spray

excellent products for stress relief

Pillow mists and sprays are the little MVPs of products for stress relief. If you’re having problems sleeping due to stress, you just need to spray it on the pillow. It’s magic!

The aroma causes your body to produce melatonin, which promotes restful sleep. After all, you have a de-stressing day, the night should be no different.

Our pick is the Mist Pillow Spray with Lavender Essential Oil.

Price: AED 17.45

7. Bath bombs

Stress relief products

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A long soak in the bath does sound relaxing, doesn’t it? Along with it, if you add the satisfaction of fizzling bath bombs, it takes the experience a tad bit higher.

Bath and body works cupons are the ultimate destination for your bath products and skincare. They have the best bath bombs in every scent imaginable. Try out the best ones yourself and have a wonderful bath!

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Take care of yourself. You are the only one who knows what’s going on. Set up a mental gym in a corner as well.