Cool clothes. That’s what comes to our minds when we think of street fashion.

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Different from what we know of mainstream fashion, street fashion is all about comfort that goes along with style. This sense of fashion is generally associated with youth, but hey! age is just a number. Streetwear will always be prevalent as long as the culture stays alive because the street style has one mantra; the heart stays young. Here’s how you ace the new-age street style with VoucherCodesUAE.

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History and purpose of streetwear

How to ace street-style look with Sun & Sand Sports

The origin of Streetwear is said to have been from a specific fashion style belonging to the British fashion culture. Although it has always existed, some people argue that streetwear was present from the mid-1900s. It was, however, only since the mid-1950s that the significance of this sense of style got recognition. Furthermore, streetwear ultimately came into fashion from the skating culture of California. It was popularized to its heights during the 1990s as skater fashion came into vogue.

Initially, streetwear was a way to describe comfortable daily clothing. But over time, the evolution of street style has taken new forms and is now even more prevalent. What started off with skater shoes and graphic tees has now transformed into a whole genre of dressing. Now when we think of it, we can consider streetwear to be a by-product of other major fashion wear like hip-hop and skateboarding.

While the basic purpose of introducing street fashion was to make dressing up more comfortable, it actually helped individuals demonstrate their identities in multiple ways. It further got popularized as a medium to reflect one’s personal tastes and personality as a whole. Check out some of these streetwear basics from these top streetwear brands.

Vans Old Skool

Streetwear Sun&SandSports VoucherCodesUAE

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A brand synonymous with skate shoes would definitely be Vans. These are probably the most sought-after shoes in the world of streetwear. Although these shoes are generally associated with the skateboarding culture, the shoes are some of the most comfortable footwear for casual outfits too. Besides the comfort factor, they’re equally stylish and versatile. Old Skools are available in many colors, but black and white are the ultimate classics.

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Graphic Tees

Graphic Tees from SSS UAE

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Graphic T-shirts have been considered to be a cornerstone in streetwear style. Whether it’s abstract graphics, fine art photography, humorous texts, or illustrations of cartoon characters and pop-culture icons, these tees are also a reflection of one’s personal tastes and personality— what streetwear culture is all about. Another factor is comfort. You don’t have to put in any effort at all to carry off a graphic tee and you still end up looking cool.



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Sneakers are another street style trend that will always remain. Be it chunky sneakers or high-top ones, the sneakers revolution has taken a whole new turn. While some fashion trends repeat from the past, some take it to a whole new level. The evolution in sneakers fashion has seen a new picture with never-seen-before designs and experimental team-up ideas. Contrary to the trend of wearing sneakers for a sporty look, you can pair sneakers with dresses and suits and just anything at all now. Shop for cool sneakers from this wide range of footwear for women at SSS.


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Joggers are yet another piece of bottom wear that has made its way into the ultimate street style fashion. Lightweight and comfortable, joggers are athletic and versatile. Although jogger pants have been available for quite some time now, they gained popularity in the fashion industry around 2014. Thanks to athleisure, joggers were welcomed as a street style essential. Get your pair of perfect joggers from this stylish range.

Bomber Jackets

Buy adidas Women's Sportswear X Nini Sum Graphic Bomber Jacket in Dubai UAE SSS

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What was once an important part of the military uniform has now become one of the most popular outerwear in streetwear fashion. Bomber jackets look sporty and casual at the same time. While the thick ones would make it perfect for layering during winters, the thin mesh ones would make great add ons to your collection of spring streetwear. Invest in this timeless outerwear from this cool range of bomber jackets.

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Converse All Star


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Originally invented to be star basketball shoes, Chuck Taylors have been widely worn for over a hundred years now. It surely is immune to the changing trends of fashion. A style that is still greatly popular today, it constitutes a significant part of streetwear fashion. Converse All-Stars are still loved and highly demanded across the world for their comfort and versatility.


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