Fashion of the 80s from series the Stranger Things

Stranger Things season 3 almost broke the internet when it dropped on Netflix on July 4. The cult-favorite show has a fan base all around the world and why shouldn’t there be? The world where the teenagers rule, the hero is the girl, and the show that rings a nostalgic feel no matter where we grew up. Hawkins and the vices of experiments gone wrong transports us to another world, literally, called the Upside Down, and the impeccable fashion of the era has us longing to belong to the 80s.

H&M collecion in the 80s style

Now, it is possible to gleam in the chicest of the 80s fashion moments, thanks to H&M. From Winona Ryder’s corduroy jacket and denims to Eleven’s iconic pink dress and high socks, which became an anthem of 2017’s Halloween, H&M has it with their Stranger Things collection.

While Topshop and Louis Vuitton had already produced a luxury merch on the series, H&M is getting those in the most affordable price range besides making the apparels a unisex purchase. Added to that, there is an entire 80s vibe to the new collection outside of the Stranger Things edition. H&M has always championed the 80s fashion, remember the ‘Wild at Heart’ collection that spotted floral prints, ruffles, cool pumps, edgy trousers and much more?

Let’s scramble through the best of 80s that H&M has to offer today, and avail discounts on the products through VoucherCodesUAE coupons. Let me tell you, this is the right time for you to flaunt your 80s sense of style. 

Oversized Denims

stranger things 80s fashion from H&M
(Picture Credit: H&M)

The revolutionary 80s witnessed women donning power suits and men’s attire. Oversized denims styled with plain pumps were what the cool chicks wore. Denim jackets, arguably, have been in the wardrobe for generations, but in the 80s the over-sized styling took it for a Rock & Roll vibe. Denims will never go out of style. It was loved in 80s, it is loved even more, now.

Printed Blouse

h&m 80s style collection
(Picture Credit: H&M)

If Nancy from Stranger Things, played by (Natalia Dyer), could not give you outfit goals, I don’t know what will. From striped sweaters to the printed blouse, Nancy always gets it right. H&M has you covered on similar varieties.

Polka Dots

the best h&m 80s style
(Picture Credit: H&M)

Because 80s style was all about that bass, Polka Dots is everything we call retro today. H&M ‘s latest Taste of Summer collection screams the word retro, with florals and Polka Dots wear designed for perfect daily wear. It is so basic and yet so rad, just like the 80s.

80s for Men

h&m 80s style collection
(Picture Credit: H&M)

With unisex dressing conceptualized in the era, you had men flaunting printed floral shirts and striped shorts. H&M has those loud collections for men today. It’s ready to wear, easy to carry off and comfortable to vacation in.

Blazers and waistcoats

stranger things 80s fashion cloths
(Picture Credit: H&M)

The power dressing in the 80s had women wear well-tailored suit and blazers with shoulder pads. This reigns even today and prints have expanded to stripes and checks and we cannot decide which one do we like more.


stranger things 80s fashion in H&M
(Picture Credit: H&M X Stranger Things)

Thick belts clenching at the waist, bandana’s matching the bombers, and chunky jewelry accompanying the get-up added so much more life to the vibrant fashion. Get yourself some powerful accessories and in the world full of 2019’s fast-fashion, be the 80s damsel who definitely isn’t in distress.

All power to you!