Staying in at home for such a long period has brought back the hobbyist in all of us. While some are making dream catchers and crochet, others are on the bandwagon of TikTok videos and viral cooking trends. But are you someone who’s has been mastering lockdown cooking? From whisking up some dalgona coffee to cooking the viral feta and tomato pasta, have you done it all?  If 2020 has awakened the inner chef in you, it’s time to up your kitchen game. VoucherCodeUAE brings you a list of the latest kitchen appliances in the UAE to help you through it.

1. Get The Heat Right with A Digital Thermometer

kitchen appliance in uae -AED 79

You don’t always need a thermometer to check if you’ve got a fever. Sometimes, it’s your caramel recipe that needs it. Do you love your steak medium rare but struggle to get it right? In that case, you should definitely invest in this digital meat thermometer.

Here are some kitchen hacks this can help you with:

  • Candy-making
  • Reading meat temperature
  • A magnet for oil deep frying
  • Smoker for BBQ and Grill

2. Invest In A Quality Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker

noon East- AED 175

It’s time to tell that hand-whisked dalgona to move aside! Instead, enjoy coffee like a pro with this state-of-the-art Coffee machine from noon UAE. It comes in a silver+black color and can brew up to 1.2 Liters! Use the noon coupon code “HOME15” to enjoy a 15% discount on your home essentials.

3.  Multifunctional Air-fryer for 2021

nutricook multifunction airfryer

noon UAE- AED 599

A regular air fryer is so 2020. Time to upgrade your cooking skills with this latest kitchen appliance in the UAE. This innovative appliance by Nutricook comes with 9 presets and will save you so much time.

Here are some functions that this will perform for you:

  • Air-fryer
  • Oven Convection
  • Rotisserie
  • Dehydrator

4. Coffee Tamper for Your Espresso

latest kitchen appliance in UAE 2021 AED 25.99

While we’re on the subject, how about going all out with this handy coffee tamper? If you’re an espresso lover, this kitchen appliance in the UAE will especially help you get that perfect consistency. It comes in a portable size of 51 mm with a stainless steel body and will easily last you many years.

5. Say Hello to Summer With This Ice Shaver

Ice shaver in white with drinking glasses AED 90

Is the hot summer in Dubai testing your patience? Well, throw in some ice and stir yourself a cooler. If a blender is too tedious for you, this portable ice shaver will surely by your friend. It features sharp stainless steel blades, along with tools for whipping up ice frappe and even a stone cone maker! Now, that’s the kind of cool summer you’ll like.

6. An Electric Grill With A Glass Lid

kitchen appliance in uae carrefour

Carrefour UAE -AED 163

This small kitchen appliance from Carrefour is literally goals. A non-stick body with a detachable grill plate is super convenient to use. So you can easily clean it after sizzling up some bacon or charring tomatoes on it. If you’re on a healthy eating mission in 2021, you should definitely invest in this electric cooker. It’s got a temperature control feature for different cooking needs. They’ve also provided a drip tray to collect the extra grease. We especially love the glass lid which will prevent any spluttering but will also help you keep an eye on your perfectly grilling food.

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7. Thermal Travel Mug

thermal travel mug -AED 25.99

Sure, traveling may sound like a distant dream. But, it’s all going to end one day right? So, manifest your trip to the mountains with this vacuum insulated water bottle. This one from has been innovated with an LED temperature display. It is leakproof and the thermal insulation will keep any liquid hot or cold or up to 24 hours.

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8.  Hot Chocolate Maker

coffee maker AED 169

With all the uncertainty around us, sometimes all we need is a hug. But with social distancing norms so strictly in place, a hug in a mug can do the job just fine. This Hot Chocolate Steamer can take your beverage to another level. Don’t worry about missing the cappuccino from your favorite café. This kitchen appliance in UAE easily works as a milk foamer. So, you can enjoy your foamy café-style coffee right at home.

9.  The Dishwasher – A must-have kitchen appliance in UAE

Dishwasher in Gray Color

All the cooking and eating is a joyful experience. But aren’t the pile of dishes to wash an eyesore? Gift yourself some relief, bring home this latest dishwasher in UAE for a better life. We love the sleek black body and the stainless steel interiors. It’s a fully integrated dishwashing machine and will save you all the energy to work on a new recipe.

10. The Latest Kitchen Appliance in UAE: No-Frost Refrigerator

No-Frost Refrigerator

There will come a time when we can finally go on a holiday. But what about the refrigerator which always chooses to defrost when you’re away? Say hello to this No Frost refrigerator with an “on-holiday” function. It’s got four side-by-side cabinets, with functions for fast freeze and energy saving.

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