It’s time to upgrade your living space with a fancy and eco-friendly approach. With everything going smart these days, from security to household appliances, how can lights be any different? Get your hands on the best smart home lighting and light bulbs with us, in your budget.

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What is Smart Home Lighting?

Best Smart home lighting

Smart Home lighting is the most advanced method of having full control over electricity, consumption, and usage, both. Switching from the common incandescent bulbs to smart LED bulbs is both a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution. Also, just having the power to control lighting is a pretty exciting thing on its own! Coupled with smart home gadgets available for your use, you can truly upgrade your home into a smart one.

For some systems, it is as easy as plugging them into the desired socket and downloading an app. Yes, you will be able to control lighting from your phone. With the help of smart home lighting, you can control switch it on and off with your smartphone using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, and even wireless radio.

Benefits of the Best Smart Home Lighting

Smart home automation lighting control - benefits

Now that we know what Smart home lighting actually is, let’s know about some benefits that will make you ready to get your hands on some smart bulbs.

With convenience and the potential to conserve electricity, you will be saving a lot of energy! Yes, you can easily manipulate lights and have motion sensors to monitor a presence in the room. Talk about fancy, eh? Also if the room is unoccupied, you can manually shut down the lights, away from home.

With the new LED bulbs, you can choose the color-changing options. Certain colors have proved to reduce eye strain and even improve sleep quality. Also, smart bulbs can completely change the aesthetic of your house. Just be extra!

Smart Home Automation Lighting Control – bulbs and lights you need!

Best Smart home lighting - bulbs
To help you choose from the best smart home lighting equipment, we got the top picks from Amazon. Use the code “MOBILE15” to get 15% off on your first app order!

1. Smart LED Ceiling Light Lamp

Smart home automation lighting control - LED system

Add a touch of elegance to your bedroom with Smart LED Ceiling Light Lamp. (AED 179)

A great example of interior decor, you can use your smartphone via an app or remote controller to turn the light on/off. You can also, easily adjust the brightness and color temperature.

Two-chip three-way dimming system one-button mode: easy to operate, one-button can be switched to white light, warm light, natural light,  moonlight.  Comfortable moonlight mode provides warm and comfortable lighting

The IP50 sealed design keeps it insect-proof and dustproof. The best part? After a one-time connection to your ceiling, you do not have to worry about light! The LEDs are extremely durable and do not need to be replaced.

2. Hexagon Modular Touch Sensitive Lights

Smart home lighting

Love being extra and quirky, check out Hexagon Modular Touch Sensitive Lights. (AED 129)

The hexagon panel support straight & precise edges for a seamless connection. You can get 19 LED’s with no dark areas on the surface with a different design of base 16 million colors & 3 selection modes

The touch is controlled via the free Cololight app Touch sensor. Also, color can intelligently change with music being played via Cololight app.

It has low power consumption and an energy-saving little one in your smart home lighting.

3. Smart LED Floor Lamp

Best Smart home lighting - Smart LED Floor Lamp

A quick, easy to install and must-have piece for your smart home lighting. This smart LED floor lamp (AED 199) can help you increase the aesthetic appeal of any room you wish!

The Dimming System Remote Control lets you control the color temperature range from 3000K to 6000K, brightness range from 0.1Lm to 2520lm.

The LED lampshade is made of ABS+PC material, durable enough to prevent damage. It is guaranteed to last over 30,000 hours and 3 years warranty.

This LED flush mount ceiling light has passed LVD / EMC / CE / ROHS certifications. Hence it lights uniformly without flicker, and protects your eyes from harsh and glaring lights.

You can save energy with this lamp! How? Equivalent to 200 Watt Incandescent light, using 24W only, save over 85% on your electricity bill.

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