Noon may not have been the first player on e-commerce, but it surely has emerged as a household name across the Middle East and North Africa region. With an ambition to match that of Amazon, Noon plans on taking the world by storm, and the plan has already come to effect with a line-up of Noon addicts around town.

There are a good number of reasons why shopping on Noon has an upper-hand in the Middle East. Here are easy tips on how can you get the most out of your Noon shopping experience.

Compare prices

A big blunder while shopping online is the belief that one platform has the best price. No matter where you shop, always compare prices on different e-commerce sites. Noon, usually has a good deal, but it will not hurt your budget to check Amazon, Groupon etc.

Check the deals section

When you go on Noon to look for a particular product, chances are, you get lost in the vortex of other amazing items. Despite having the urge to buy other products immediately, it will be wise to wait. Check the deals section, which is updated every day, and then purchase the items on your wishlist.

noon shopping tips

Save every time you shop

Be alert on sales and offers

Noon does things silently. When the giant e-commerce backed by Emaar Properties launched in 2017, they did it very inconspicuously. The June and July free delivery was also executed without any news announcement. Since, Noon is notorious that way, we need to keep up and be surprised at what they have to offer.

Mega Deals

Besides the regular Deals section that is on the top right, there’s something called Mega Deals that pops up on the homepage. Mega Deals are usually four major offers that include skin care products under AED 99 and fragrances under AED 49. Electronics such as phones and PlayStations feature here, so be on the lookout.

Buy in bulk during sale

When you come across a good sale and the sale promises to get beneficial when you buy in larger quantities, opt to buy in bulk. You are not spending, you are investing, because somewhere down the line you will be needing those products, and you just happen to buy it at a good time. Toothbrushes, toilet papers and pens are a good idea, just to give a few examples.

tips noon shopping

Noon warehouse (Picture credit: Logistics Middle East)

Easy Installments plan

Noon introduced Easy Installments to buy products that cost over AED 500. Under this plan, there are no interest charges for the entire installment period. If your bank qualifies for the plan and you have a credit card, then monthly installment helps pay for your product with no interest.

Noon credits

Many complain about Noon refunding the money on the account instead of the bank. However, if you paid the amount using debit or credit card, it is possible to get the amount transferred to the bank. Simply reach out to the customer service and raise a request.

Purchase items off-season

The rage of summer sale and winter sale is understandable, but the best time to buy would be off season. Buying winter boots during summer would land you a good offer since no one is thinking of buying boots during summer and vice versa.

Coupon codes

A smart online shopper always scurries for a good discount offer and makes sales happen even when it does not. Noon coupons by VoucherCodesUAE come in handy for this, since we host the best discount offers for Noon shopper can avail anywhere between 10-80% off on items.

Yellow Friday

Forget Black Friday when Yellow Friday has launched. Last November Noon introduced the online shoppers to Yellow Friday, not only giving the massive discounts and offers but also giving customers a chance to win a lottery.