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Introducing Menakart

MENAKART- Rising Brands

“What is Menakart?”

Menakart is a growing E-commerce website in the Middle East. It caters to the entire GCC region. The site provides a wide range of products including mobiles, laptops, cameras, tablets, books, toys, fashion, and more.

Furthermore, orders from the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain enjoy free delivery. Yes, the site ensures worldwide delivery but with charges incurred.

Menakart: A brief history

This E-commerce site was founded by Shashank Panchmukh and Praveen Chandrasekharan in the year 2015. This private E-commerce has been scaling at a constant rate with the same two faces as the board members and advisors.

Why shop on Menakart?

Menakart: why shop on

Menakart offers a wide range of electronics, partnering with trusted companies and brands.

Why shop here? I’m sure all of you have that question in mind. Well, Menakart is the only E-com website providing a free gift and free delivery for items above 500 AED. So if you are getting the product you need along with a free gift, why go for other sites? The same price, the same product but with additional gifts and reward points!

Brands like Apple, Samsung, Acer, Barbie, Lenovo, Sony, HTC, Nokia, Canon, Nikon are just a few to name. Furthermore, Menakart has collaborated with the leading logistics companies. This in turn ensures smooth delivery of your orders.

What are the categories of products in Menakart?

Categories of products_ Menakart

Menakart gives you all your basic necessary appliances. From laptops to the latest mobile phones and cameras you’ll find it all. Apart from this technical equipment, you also get a range of books, toys, and fashion accessories.

Mobile phones

Menakart provides a never-ending list of the choicest mobile phones. The best brands like Samsung, One Plus, Apple, and many more. Mobile phones are The Most Essential item in every person’s bag or pocket. These are some of the good choices:

Samsung Galaxy Fold, 512GB, 12GB, Cosmos Black

AED: 6,299

Mobiles on Menakart: Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Samsung fold phones are the new breakthrough in the market. This brand new never-seen technology will have all eyes on you.

iPhone 11 Pro Max, 256GB

AED: 4,899
Mobies on Menakart: iPhone 11 Pro Max

These iPhones have taken the market by storm. With great features and attractive looks, this phone has been the trend since its release. Get many more color options and variants at Menakart.


Work from home is the new normal. And for efficient work, you need a good laptop or PC that does not prove to be a setback. Menakart offers a good choice in Apple laptops and PC’s so you can choose the best in your budget.

This one is the latest and the best.

Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch, 2.3GHz, 1TB, 16GB

AED: 9,775

Laptops on Menakart: Apple MacBook Pro

This MacBook is one that will rank the highest for the ones who have used it. Known for its efficiency and power, you better not ignore this particular laptop especially if you have work that expects you to invest a lot on the screen.

Gift cards

Menakart has a variety of gift cards at the lowest prices and an add-on-facility of email delivery. Get iTunes, Play Store, PlayStation, and Steam wallet gift cards online right at Menakart.

$100 & $50 USA iTunes Gift Card Bundle

AED: 580


Personal Care and home appliances

Personal care has been a priority especially with the threat of the coronavirus. In such critical times, gloves sanitizers, and masks have become the essentials that cannot be neglected. Keeping these in mind, Menakart now offers an entirely separate category of personal care for your safety.

Switch 3-IN-1 UV Sanitizer For Phone & Watch

AED: 198

Personal care on Menakart

After a stroll through the park or grocery shopping, you need to get sanitized to ensure your protection as well as your family’s. While you can sanitize your body and clothes easily, it’s not so simple for your phones and watches. So get this UV sanitizer for your phone and watch.

Furthermore all the household appliances you need at a lower price than the market and enjoy your profit.

Books and toys

Get friction, drama, romance, thriller, and all other genres that you can think of exclusively from Menakart. The largest bookstore in the Middle East, Menakart has all you need.

Also, get a great choice of toys for your young ones. Keep them entertained. You’ll find the best deals at the best prices.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Parts One & Two

AED: 114


Books on Menakart: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


Hasbro Monopoly Game – L.O.L. SURPRISE!

AED: 189

Hasbro Monopoly Game - L.O.L. SURPRISE!- toys on Menakart


Fashion accessories

Ray-Ban, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Casio, G-Shock, Diesel, Armani Exchange, and many more. Get these best brands at the best prices only at Menakart.

Fossil Madeline Three-Hand Rose Gold Stainless Steel Women’s Watch

AED: 469

Menakart fashion accessories


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