Light up your house with these beautiful Ramadan lanterns

Here are the prettiest Ramadan lanterns to decorate your home with this time.
Light up your house with these beautiful Ramadan lanterns

Ramadan Mubarak! The holy month is associated with a number of customs that have been practiced for centuries. Lighting Ramadan Lanterns are some of the very same traditions that people have followed. Decorating the house, balconies, shops with these beautiful lanterns, lighted with candles or oils. The beautiful patterns of light and color through the night are definitely going to make you awe.

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Significance and story behind the traditional Ramadan lanterns

White Ramadan Lanterns

Fanous or Fanoos is a folk and traditional lantern used during Ramadan to decorate streets and homes. These pretty little lights carry over a thousand years of history and culture along with them. During the holy month of Ramadan in 969 A.D., the Egyptians were expecting the arrival of Al-Mu’izz li-Din Allah, the Caliph. (Caliph, meaning: a chief Muslim civil and religious ruler). The city residents were asked to hold candles to lit the path for the Caliph when he arrives. Since then, people carried on with the custom and given birth to the beautiful tradition of light and color.

Ramadan lanterns have a deep meaning and significance in regard to the Holy month. It indicates a symbol of hope to light the way in the midst of darkness. Have your share of light and hope for this Ramadan.

Pretty Ramadan Lanterns for you to choose from

Red Ramadan Lanterns

We chose from the top brands for your Ramadan lanterns and light checklist. Whether you are aiming for the traditional Fanoos or the modern minimal lanterns, we think we have it for you. Also, don’t forget to check out the coupon codes and promo codes to get the discounts you deserve!

Modern Lantern collection

ramadan lanterns

Rose Gold Modern Lantern

The Modern Ramadan Lantern collection from Pottery Barn is looking impeccable for the season. Rose Gold Modern Lantern is our personal favorite. You can get it in small, medium, and large. each lantern can rest on a flat surface or can be hung around the house.

Price: AED 93.00 400.00

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Ramadan Lantern for Garden

Ramadan Lanterns

Let your garden be aglow with candles and lights. Choose from the most aesthetic and beautiful Ramadan lanterns and lights from AliExpress for your garden! Set your iftar and suhoor meals in the garden with your families, amidst the light.

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Iron Lantern for the Rustic Vibe

Ramadan Lantern

Atmosphera Iron Decorative Lantern

Iron decorative Ramadan lanterns from ACE can be the perfect addition to your home. It will enhance the look of your interior or outdoor dĂ©cor. Bonus point: longevity is guaranteed as it is made up of durable quality iron. The intricate cut design, accessible handle lets you carry it or even hang it anywhere you want. You can either put tealight or LED candles in it. Candles are an option as well, but the cleaning part of wax isn’t something to be fond of!

Price: AED 39.00

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Arabic Style/ Traditional Lanterns

Ramadan lanterns

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Traditional Ramadan Lanterns from will always take the top. The skillfully crafted lantern for decor has a whole vibe on its own! We chose this Arabic Style candle holder, which will make the iftar table, a little more cheerful! You can choose a scented candle to have a pleasant feeling throughout the day and prayer time.

Price: AED  79.99

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