No matter if street decorations are there or not. No matter if Iftar invitations are being sent or not. Even if prayers are not offered in congregation, thirty days of fasting would still have the same mystical feeling. Observing Ramadan at home this year would be a whole new experience. And it may even be the foremost thing to be grateful for.

Another thing to be thankful for is the online world that makes ordering everything possible.  From food to kitchenware, to grocery, to daily use items, to clothes, we have little to complain about when we are celebrating any festivities at home.

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Now that we’re all quarantined in the Holy Month, here’s how I am planning to celebrate Ramadan at home.

Getting up early

Islam emphasizes on getting up early. So starting the day by rising early for praying and Suhoor followed by Fajr prayer and recitation of Holy Quran would just be the perfect way to start.

If you don’t have enough of the holy book for everyone quarantined at home, not a problem. Order your Holy Quran today so that all family members can recite without any interruption.

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Maintaining a diet schedule

Fasting is all about cleansing your body, mind, and soul. Following a proper diet schedule is a must. A healthy and nutritional diet has to be taken during long hours of fasting. You can start practicing a healthy lifestyle this month and it will go a long way.

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Worshipping at home

Since, this time of the year Muslims around the globe will not be able to attend congregational prayers or gather at Iftaar, the fast-breaking meal at sunset. Muslims can still spend this month in its true essence. Prayers and Taraweeh can be offered at home together with family members. I am looking forward to that

Keeping fit

There is this misconception that everything else is left during Ramadan. This, however, is not true. A regular workout should not be skipped as this is the best time to be confident about your body and yourself. Consciously making exercise a routine will keep you fit and healthy.

Managing routine during Ramadan at home

Life is all about maintaining a proper balance. With quarantine in the mix, it is easy to discard responsibilities. As the intensity of prayers deepens in the holy month, you still have to manage your routine. Balance is the crux!

Keeping mind clear

Get started by organizing your life and making sure of getting the most out of this disciplined month. Work more intently on spiritual growth. Make your mind free by minimizing the distractions. Focus on improving yourself. The ideal time is here where you can kick out extra clutter of activities from your daily routine and put some real effort into becoming a better and more effective human being.

Getting enough rest

Waking up in nights for praying and a whole day of fasting requires you to get enough sleep. So trying to sleep early or taking power naps during the day would charge you for the whole day and will keep you going without the slightest hint of tiredness.

Strengthening the bond

The virus has emptied Islam’s Holiest sites at the most sacred time of the year. This is the time when everyone is staying at home. All those who couldn’t find time to spend with the loved ones because of tough schedules can now spend a quality time with family. What better time could there have been than this, to strengthen the bond and take care of your loved ones. Cherish the atmosphere, appreciate the loved ones. Join video conferences with family members and invite them for virtual Iftaar.  A nice and simple setup can help you dine with your dearest ones in real-time.

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Ramadan at home presents a greater opportunity of filling up your life with discipline and assigning meaning to it. Carry the lessons you have learned into the year that follows. Make a habit of maintaining healthy habits. Pray for yourself, your family, your loved ones, and for the world.