Don’t let boring and bland make their way into your life. No settling for that some old generic that everybody seems to use. Be colorful, unique, and just yourself, with these quirky products from noon. Also, no sweats about burning a hole in your pocket, we got amazing deals to help you out with that!

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Top finds from the Quirky products from noon

1. Green tea STICK face mask

Quirky products from noon

Was: AED 29.00
Now: AED 11.55 Inclusive of VAT

Getting your hands dirty applying the face mask from regular old bottles? Now, you get it on a stick! Incredibly satisfying and easy to apply, Green tea purifying clay stick face mask is going to add to your skin care regime. The green tea extract will do magic on your skin. Effectively cleans skin pores, adjust the skin’s water and oil balance, reduces blackheads, controls oil and improves face dullness.

2. Black and Decker Portable Handheld Steamer

quirky products on noon

Was: AED 329
Now: AED 149

Have a wrinkle free life with a Black and Decker portable handheld steamer! The satisfaction with removing wrinkles in one go is just enough to make it on the list of quirky products on noon!

3. Push Pop Bubble Fidget Sensory Toy

Popping toy

Price: AED 8.00

Be stress-free and calm yourself down with the Pop Bubble Fidget Toy. Popping a bubble wrap without any end!

Press the mouse bubbles down and let the popping asmr begin. It is a perfect gift for kids with bright colors and pleasant sounds.

4. Nano Air Humidifier/Moisture Spray

Quirky products on noon

Price: AED 15.35

We don’t think you are missing out on this beautiful innovation. The hot sweaty summer becomes bearable with a portable moisture spray.

The best part: you just need water. That’s it! You can mix your skin serum with the water to have that soft glistening glow on your walk.

5. Rainbow Colour LED Wired Gaming Keyboard

Rainbow Colour LED Wired Gaming Keyboard quirky products noon

Was: AED 64

Now: AED 32.50

Where my gamers at? We all love a good gaming setup, don’t we? Spending thousands of dirhams is not the only way to have amazing setup. You can choose to shop the Rainbow Colour LED Wired Gaming Keyboard.

6. Electric Shock Chewing Gum Toy

Quirky products from noon

Was: AED 24

Now: AED 10.95

A major throwback to the first ever prank toy created. This little devil has been passed down through generations. If that’s not enough to put it on the list of unique products on noon, we don’t know what is!

The electric gum stick gives a quick and mild electric shock which is completely harmless. Except, if they don’t like your gag!

7. Pinch The Paw Rabbit Ear Hat

Quirky products on noon

Price: AED 17.35

Perfect for a kid or an adult who loves having fun. The Rabbit paw makes imaginative play come to life. You can press on the paws and make the ear pop up!

8. Polarised pixel sunglasses

Polarised pixel sunglasses quirky products noon

Was: AED 32

Now: AED 11. 80

Anyone who loves minecraft is going to go gaga on this! This quirky find will make anyone’s head turn. Give the pixelated sunglasses a chance. Looking stylish while getting uv protection? Yes please!

9. On-Ear Cat Ear Headphones

Quirky products on noon

Was: AED 79

Now: AED 48

It’s cute, it’s trendy and it’s quirky! The cat ear headphones have been raging since 2020 and have no idea when to stop. From professional gamers to regular folks, everyone loves it.

You have soft padded ear cushions providing optimum comfort. Crystal clear sound with zero distortion!

10. Supreme money gun

Quirky products on noon

Was: AED 29

Now: AED 43

Hey, you can call it basic but everyone wants to make it rain! This Supreme Money Gun feeds up to 100 dollar bills and sends them flying across the room. Don’t worry, we respect your hard earned money so it comes with 100 pieces fake cash bills.


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