“Our physical space, and the objects that fill it, give us, and others, a sense of who we are, what we value, and what we have accomplished,” Dr. Augustin explains. “Too much clutter can signal a lack of control and confuse that sense of identity.” Make use of quarantine to organize space.

The quarantine time can be used as a decluttering and organizing time, not just for your things but for your mind as well. A moment’s pause and self-reflection can be attained in times like these when you are alone with your thoughts, your space and all the objects filling them.

Of course, the idea of organizing everything seems a little tiring, but there’s a simple method we can use when we go about organizing for almost any area of the house.

You need to find one part of the house you want to clean that day, a room or a drawer and then we move to the next room, then another. Before you know it, you will start feeling more organized.

It won’t happen overnight, it will take time, but guess what we have? Time! And a lot of it. So let’s go through the simple steps for decluttering your space and your mind.


Sounds ridiculous, messier, yes, I know. In organizing, a blank slate is much more efficient than finding spaces to fit pieces in. Cleaning out a place, will help you. See what you have, as well as have the idea of the storage needs.

make use of quarantine by cleaning room


Throwing things away does sound pretty harsh, but hoarding can become a disease. If you haven’t used it in the past three months, you will not be using it anyway. The tendency of “someday” will make you hold more stuff than you need. Seriously, throw away or donate the things which you no longer require.
You have cleared such a pretty space in front of you and now, you will put back things which are only absolutely necessary. Make use of quarantine to throw things away.


After ruthlessly purging through everything, keep similar items together. For example, if you are organizing your closet, put all of your tops together, all of your bottoms wear together, etc. Make use of quarantine to keep like things together.

keep like things together.

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Take your organized items, and find a way to store away for each category with easy accessibility. Getting organized shouldn’t be expensive, so VoucherCodesUAE offers you the best organizing cabinets, boxes and many more items from Amazon with discounted offers. To make your decluttering more pretty and fun.

Each item with a specific spot helps more in the idea of decluttering since you are more likely to put it back if it has its own space.

making use of quarantine by putting in cabinet boxes

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Labeling will help you determine what should be placed where and to easily locate it in the future. You can use a print of simple tags from your computer, use a label maker or even adhesive vinyl labels, there are many options. It is more efficient and a little more pretty on your part.

make use of quarantine by labelling

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Now, after decluttering, organizing, categorizing and labeling, the beautiful clear space you have created in front of you has to be filled. Starting with the items you use most, start filling the gap in the most accessible way possible and soon you will find that every item has it’s own spot.

make use of quarantine by making space

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An activity becomes a habit if done daily. We all are scatterbrained sometimes and honestly, it can be a challenge. Once you have acquired the habit of putting things in their specific place, them only then, your space will remain organized.

The feeling can be overwhelming, trying to put everything back together for the first time, but by chipping at the clutter one room per day, following these steps will show your progress quicker than you expect.

And there is no feeling better than the satisfaction of having your own personal organized space.