Friendship Day is here! One of the most awaited events to let our friends know how much we truly love them without being all too cheesy about it. It’s amazing how friendship day, as a celebration, has evolved. From tying friendship bands to going to movies together, we are now in 2020, when we are quarantined because of the Coronavirus pandemic. But the spirit of the friendship day is too strong to be dampened by it. Hence,  VoucherCodesUAE brings you 7 ways of celebrating friendship day at home.

It’s an occasion, so dress up!

quarantine friendship day

Groom yourself. A great day must start ravishing, right? Friendship Day is another chance to dress up, create, and flaunt your makeup skills when you call your friends up. So what you can do today, on quarantine friendship day, is get ready and dress up as if you were really going out and catching up with them. However, if Pajama is your comfort zone, stay in. What matters is that you uplift your mood and wear that accessory; a smile.

Video call your friends

Ways to celebrate friendship day in quarantine in the UAE


Your friends are reminiscing old friendship day gatherings just like you! On such days, Zoom surprise comes as a much-wanted relief. It’s a great time to hype your friends up with a video party and have virtual gatherings.

If you are a bit reclusive in nature and have just a few friends, you could catch up with them, pour out your quarantine anxieties, and take a nostalgic stroll down the memory lane.

Order them a surprise

Ways to celebrate friendship day in quarantine in the UAE


On this auspicious occasion, do not miss the opportunity to make your friends feel special. There are so many ways of showing your gratitude. You can make video slides using some of your favorite pictures, make social media posts using emotionally-charged lengthy captions, or even type out long, powerfully evocative messages to your friends.

You can even order presents for your well-wishers from online shopping sites like Vogacloset and H&M and get it delivered to them. Or even better, gift them a gift card from al giftcards, so they can buy what they like as a gift from you.

Organize a lawn picnic for friends – sooner or later

Ways to celebrate friendship day in quarantine in the UAE


Hosting a picnic on the lawn with a small gathering of really close friends sounds fun. Taking all the safety precautions to ensure protection against the Coronavirus like sanitizing the area and use of face masks can solve the problem of having to stay away from friends on a friendship day.

Refraining from using any public barbeque pits or even cooking food, you could easily order meals from food delivery sites like Deliveroo. This would save you a lot of time and rescue you from using those public barbeque pits that might be infected. However, it would be safe if you coordinate with your mates to make sure you all have your own utensils, seasonings, and other picnic essentials.

You could even play games like truth or dare, spin the bottle, or dumb charades to entertain yourselves.

Plan post-friendship day celebrations

Ways to celebrate friendship day in quarantine in the UAE


Making plans is as exciting, so go ahead and plan for celebrating friendship day once the quarantine is over and the situation normalizes. You could come up with plans like bungee-jumping, pool party, a long drive or go for a short trip to a beautiful place of your choice.

You could even plan post-birthday trips to cheer those friends who had a birthday during the quarantine. In fact, we know different ways on how to celebrate your birthday during quarantine. Planning trips and celebrations with friends always lift up the mood.

Binge-watch movies

Ways to celebrate friendship day in quarantine in the UAE


You could invite a few friends over and binge-watch your favorite series with them. What a stress-relieving day would it be, watching your favorite movies surrounded by people you are most comfortable with. You could even go for some homemade popcorn and enjoy them with your friends.

Parties and social events are always at hand to boost you up on stressful days. But what is most important is to spend quality time with your close friends.

Here are our Netflix recommendations.

Make personalized friendship bands

Ways to celebrate friendship day in quarantine in the UAE


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Revive the old childhood hype of tying colorful friendship bands around your friends’ wrists. Take up the task of creating lovely friendship bands using tiny beads and colorful threads. Get those tiny alphabet beads and arrange them in the sequence of your friends’ names.

If you do not like adding beads and sequins to make your bands look flashy, you could even weave friendship bands out of different colored threads. A beautiful combination of multi-colored threads would beautifully adorn your friends’ wrists and make them feel all the more special that day.

If you can’t decide what kind of friendship bands you should make, you could choose from various options available on Amazon.

What better friendship day celebration would there be than to relive and recreate those childhood memories?

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