Do you work from home and find yourself constantly searching for ways to make your workspace more comfortable? It can be difficult to get into a productive mindset when all you have is a bed, coffee table, and laptop. Freelancing sounds fun and games, till the moment you actually dive into it. We know what you are going through, so we found 15 products for freelancers, that are bound to make your life easier! 

Freelancers constitute 35% of the global workforce with 1.1 billion around the globe, freelancing comes with a rollercoaster of income frequency. It is already hard to budget when income fluctuates, we come here to make that easy as well! When you buy anything from the list below, don’t forget to use the best discount deals and coupon codes from VoucherCodesUAE! You might just save up to 30% on your entire order. 

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7 must-need products for Freelancers: You can thank us later!

7 must-need products for Freelancers

We have compiled a list of great products for freelancers from Noon which will let you stay focused on your work without distraction, giving you time to get things done in peace. Don’t forget to check out the best deals and discounts codes for Noon before you head to shop! 

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1) A good standing desk (or convertor)

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If you work at home on your computer then this is essential! This simple product will save your back and neck from pain by reducing the amount of time spent sitting down. Your risk of having Carpal tunnel syndrome just reduces rapidly with this investment.

It’s also good for someone who has been working in front of their computer all day because they can stand up every hour or so and walk around to give their legs a break without losing any momentum on the project they’re working on. 

Product: Dual Monitor Standing Desk Converter Monitor Silver/Black

Price: AED 320

2. A comfortable office chair

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Let’s not have tired backs and cramped muscles when working on long projects! Choose a chair that supports your back and arms at the same time. This is important because you’ll be sitting for long periods of time with adjustable armrests for a more natural sitting position. You can also add a soft chair pad if you suffer from back issues. 

Product name: Daqian Multifunctional Chair with Comfortable Seat

Price: AED 1099.95

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3. Noise Cancelling headphones or earbuds

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Invest in noise-canceling headphones if you want to avoid external noise. If you can work on a task productively while listening to music, podcasts. etc. then this is your go-to choice! Another option would be noise-canceling earplugs which are essential if you want to block any kind of noise and prefer peace and quiet during your work hours. 

Product name: JBL Over-Ear Noise-Cancelling Headphones Black

Price: AED 398.45

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4. An ergonomic mouse and keyboard set

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Upgrade to an ergonomic keyboard and mouse set so that you don’t have wrist pain from using the same old equipment day in and day out. A good mouse will help distribute the street evenly on the palm, thus making it easier on your wrist. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a nasty thing, try to prevent it with simple products for freelancers in the long run.

Product name: Lenovo Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo Black

Price: AED 53.20

5. Good quality desk lamps or overhead lights

poducts for freelancers

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Desk lamps and overhead lights with dimmer switches will make it easier for you to work at night when necessary without blinding yourself with harsh light bulbs. This is especially important if you’re sensitive to light. You can even choose from products that have a blue light filter for the retina protection of your eye. 

Product: Fashionhome LED Reading Desk Lamp

Price: AED 69

6. To-Do list

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This is a given! You can easily organize and keep track of your scheduled tasks with a handy to-do list.  Choose from either a monthly planner that you can stick on your wall or a simple to-do list you can keep on your desk. It will become one of the most efficient products for freelancers you will come across. 

Product: 60-Pages AcheivHer Tear Off To-Do List Notebook 

Price: AED 25.00

7. Do not disturb sign

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Brainstorming and productivity do not happen in chaos. Keep your working space only for yourself while you focus on a certain task. Do not disturb door sign is an example of simple yet effective products for freelancers. You can let others know when you really want some peace, whether for a task or a good nap.

Product: Do not disturb doorknob hanger 

Price: AED 66

We hope you found these tips helpful! If not, don’t worry too much. There are plenty of other hacks out there to make freelancing a bit easier. What are some of your favorite products for freelance work? Let us know in the comments below or connect with us.