This too shall pass. Yes I’m talking about the COVID-19. Till then, let’s just stay positive and come out of this more shiny and sparkly. And this time, I am talking about Swarovski’s precious collection of crystal-studded accessories that will remind you that you can’t let anything dull your sparkle.

VoucherCodesUAE presents to you the glamorous collection at Our favorite picks from the Spring Collection will make you forget about these trying times. Diamonds and crystals are really our best friend, especially in self-isolation.

Whether you buy these for yourself or gift it to someone special, they are moments crystallized in time. Crystals and stones are powerful items as they reflect the aspects of purity and perfection. Furthermore, what makes Swarovski crystal even more attractive and special is that after a complex cutting process, each Swarovski crystal is polished to perfection.

Check these out:

Eternal Flower Necklace, White, Rose-Gold Plated

Swarovski post-Covid-19 VoucherCodesUAE

AED 820

This Swarovski necklace comes with a rose-gold tone plated chain featuring a stylized dragonfly with many delightful details. Dragonflies are said to symbolize change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization. This makes it a perfect piece for a time like this. Things are changing, we’re adapting to the new rules of life and being indoors a lot has given us time to realize and discover things about ourselves that we might not have been aware of. The insect’s wings and body are adorned by beautiful, brilliant white and pink stones in order to create an especially glamorous look. It would compliment any outfit and also make a great gift for someone as special.

Eternal Flower Bee Pierced Earrings, White, Gold-Tone Plated

Swarovski post-Covid-19 VoucherCodesUAE

AED 285

This pair of pierced Swarovski earrings from the Eternal Flower Collection introduces two charming bees. Bees are said to symbolize community, brightness, good luck, wealth and prosperity— all the aspects that are much needed right now. More than anything, let’s hope these Swarovski bees bring in some good news as we’re passing through this testing time. This pair is depicted with sparkling, clear wings on a gold-tone plated body. The small antennae and body markings make the fine details add to their vivid appeal. They would make a great look for casual occasions.

Crystalline Aura Watch, Metal Bracelet, Champagne Gold Tone

Swarovski post-Covid-19 VoucherCodesUAE

AED 1699

Watches symbolize a moment in time. Let this watch remind you of how strong you were through all of this. This eminently elegant Swarovski watch from the Crystalline Aura Collection artfully combines form and function. More than 1300 crystals in the champagne-gold tone PVD case create a brilliant sparkling effect. A champagne-gold tone PVD bracelet and a white silver-tone dial with the Swarovski swan at 12 o’clock complete the sophisticated design. This Swiss-made watch is water-resistant up to 50m.

Symbolic Elephant Bracelet, Light Multi-Colored, Rhodium-Plated

Swarovski post-Covid-19 VoucherCodesUAE

AED 575

This Rhodium-plated bracelet by Swarovski is adorned with several exquisite charms. A detailed elephant, studded with blue crystals sits between a sparkling bell element and an intricate mandala that is centered around a green crystal. Elephants are considered to be symbols of good luck as well as stability— two important aspects we need right now. Further, in many customs, bells symbolize courage, struggle, and victory. Let the bell on this bracelet remind you of the struggle in these hard times and the victory once this passes. Also, mandalas symbolize the idea that life is never-ending and everything is connected. All three elements of the bracelet are framed by two faceted crystals in gold-tone and blue hues.

Infinity Ring, White, Rhodium-Plated

Swarovski post-Covid-19 VoucherCodesUAE

AED 335

In many cases, the infinity symbol represents eternity and empowerment. Let this Infinity Ring remind you of the infinite joys of life that are yet to come and make you grateful for the fact that you were strong enough to come through these times positively. This ring from the Infinity Collection is a remarkable example of Swarovski’s timeless elegance. Its centerpiece is a crystal-embellished infinity symbol. The crystal’s clear sparkle is complemented by the ring’s rhodium plating.

Red Swan Ornament

Swarovski post-Covid-19 VoucherCodesUAE

AED 455

Swans are said to represent grace and balance. The red swan is a legendary creature that represents strength and courage. This is a time when we need to be strong and handle things gracefully. Thus, this ornament is exactly what you need— either to remind yourself or gift it to someone who needs this message. This swan ornament from Swarovski is a skillful combination of several designs and traditions. It features a bright red Swarovski swan set with 549 sparkling crystals. A tassel in the same color adorns the swan. This design symbolizes good fortune, purity, and beauty, making this ornament a beautiful decoration object or even a great gift.

If you are more into the culture-inspired side, you can choose from a wide range of products from the Middle East Exclusive. This collection is designed exclusively for the Middle East.

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