Your pets are the best friends you can have, that one partner who sticks by your side regardless of everything. Just like you, they deserve nothing but the best! So why not treat them to the finest food for pets they’d surely love? For your dog, cat, rabbit, bird, tortoise and fish, we have the best pet food and treats. Give them all your love, affection and care and believe me, you’ll surely keep them happy. VoucherCodesUAE brings you all the best pet foods for your pets right from Dubai Pet Food. Also, get an additional 10% off on any item. Use code ‘DPF10’ and get 10% off on all orders.

Why good food for pets is important

Pet food essentials are made out of plant and animal ingredients. These are usually specific for a particular species of animals. Found in various supermarkets and typically pet shops, these are necessities for all those houses which have pets.

  • Pet foods are loved by your pets. These along with some treats will make for the perfect feast for your pets.
  • Apart from the happiness of your pets, good quality pet foods also ensure good health for them. These are packed with nutrients and are very beneficial for the health of your pets.
  • For those of you who already feed your pets with pet food regularly, I’m sure you have noticed that it brings better shining fur and hair coat.

Food essentials for all your pets

Confused? Want the best? Don’t know which one? No need to worry anymore. We have it all listed here.

For the dogs: your best friends

They really aren’t lying when they say a dog is a man’s best friend. And for all those of you who are greeted every morning by a wagging tail, you know exactly why.

Dog foods are packed with balanced nutrition to provide better health to your dog. I’m sure you don’t want to compromise on the well being of a loving pet. We have compiled the best wet and dry foods for your dog along with these great treats and chews.

Lily’s Kitchen Adult – Organic Chicken & Vegetable Bake (1kg)

Press buy. Also get the puppy dry food right on Dubai Pet Food.

The Witty Dog – Organic Chicken w/ Organic Carrot & Brown Rice (400g)

Dog wet foods the witty dog-food pet essentials

                 AED: 8

Trixie – Denta Fun Knotted Chicken Chewing Bones (11cm)

Trixie - good food for petsAED: 11

Dog food is bought on the basis of their breed and age. Dubai Dog Food has a wide range of products from the best brands for you to choose from. Get your perfect pick today.

For your cats.

Looking for good cat food? You’re in the right place. Dubai Pet Food has a very wide range of cat products from the best brands. Get your cats these great foods and treats.

Arden Grange – Grain Free Kitten

Arden Grange dry cat food for pets

AED: 19

Get it here. Also, get the adult grain-free dry cat food.

The Witty Cat – Organic Chicken (85g)

The Witty Cat food pet essentials

AED: 3.75

Kiwi Walker – Freeze Dried Snack Chicken – Cubes (70g)

Kiwi Walker food pet essentials

AED: 40

For your rodents and small pets

Some of you might be having rabbits and guinea pigs and other small pets. We all know it’s quite tedious to find good quality supplements for them. However, this doesn’t mean you let them settle for just anything.

Dubai Pet Food Essentials has a great choice in terms of quality for all your small pets. A  large variety in turn means more choices. So don’t delay. Get your pet supplies and food today.

Oxbow Essentials Adult Rabbit (5lb)

Oxbow Essentials Adult Rabbit-food pet essentials

AED: 66.15

Beaphar Care+ – Guinea Pig Food

 the best food pet essentials


AED: 66

Buy it here.

Duvo – Meal Worms (200g)

Duvo food pet essentials

AED: 59

Buy it here.

For your fishes and amphibians

This is for all of you who love watching your fishes swim. Also, for those who love the perks and pros of having rare amphibians, tortoises, and lizards, it can be hard to find food supplements made especially for them.

However, we have compiled this great list of all you need to have for your fish tank and the rare species living among you.

Fish Science Marine Krill Flake Food (50g)

Fish Science Marine Krill Flake Food (50g)- fish food pet essentials

AED: 45

Padovan – Shrimp

(160gr /1L)Padovan - Shrimp (160gr /1L)- pet food for amphibians

AED: 63

Buy it here

Dubai Roaches – Medium


Dubia Roaches - Medium (20pcs)- live food for amphibians

AED: 84

For the aves: the ones that chirp

Want to pamper your beautiful birds? The parrots that talk and the beautiful canary that sings surely need the best care. Bird food mostly consists of seeds of various types mixed together. And the best platform to get your birds singing and talking louder is Dubai Pet Food.

Get your bird food delivered to your doorstep and don’t risk going out during this lockdown. Here are some great products you can buy.

Roudybush – California Blend Mini

Roudybush - California Blend Mini- birds

AED: 100

Trixie – Dried Mealworms (70 g)

Trixie - Dried Mealworms (70 g)- bird treats

AED: 20

Other pet essentials

Pets mean an added responsibility. You need to take care of everything. From food to living, it all comes as a package. So to help you keep up, Dubai Pet Food Essentials also provides a wide range of pet essentials. Here are some things you will need.

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