The artist in you demands to be set free. A personal art studio is a dream come true for any artist. Sitting down in your handmade heaven and drawing out your soul on a piece of paper. What more, do we need on this day of quarantine?

Quarantine is providing more than just time. It is giving us the opportunity to reflect on ourselves. Art is a form of liberation to one’s soul, and a personal art studio, heaven.

You can transform the small spaces- the cupboard under the stairs, your old storage room, the attic, into your own personal art studio. The first question in anyone’s mind:

How can you transform the small spaces into your personal art studio?

If you have a space that you can utilize, converting it into anything you desire is fairly easy. Be it transforming your living room into a personal movie theater or your attic into your personal art studio! Here’s how you can start your personal art studio:

  • PRIVACY. Your preferred space should be away from all the noise in the house. So that you can focus and create masterpieces in your personal art studio.
  • A natural light source is one of the key factors for an artist and their work. Take care of a daylight source while choosing your space
  • Ventilation: you will be working with paints, chemicals, and many other such substances. Having a proper ventilation system is a healthy and safe way to go about.
  • If your flooring is expensive, then be sure to cover it with a protective sheet. It is bound to be stained by the paints someday.

What do you need in your personal art studio?

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Piles of different Papers

The most obvious part of your personal art studio is a store of different papers. Drawing paper is the staple of all artists, from sketches to simple doodling.

Personal art studio

Watercolor painting

AED 170.99

Personal art studio watercolor paper

Sketch paper

AED 154.77


Personal art studio

Drawing craftpaper

AED 120.99

A huge variety of good quality paper is handy and useful, but a small sketchbook is easier to use and carry around.

Personal art studio

AED 160.92


Get yourself some containers

Collect as many old jars and containers you can, or buy some, while organizing your personal art studio. It can be used in storing different brushes according to their usage. If you’re into mixed media work, it can even be used to store other craft items.

If you’re aiming for an aesthetically pleasing art studio, we have picked up on some jars and containers that you may fancy.

Personal art studio brush jar

Nordic cement jar

AED 65.72

Personal art studio Nordic marble jar

Nordic marble brush storage

AED 25.97

Transparent container filled with white beads and brown makeup brushes

Transparent containers

AED 35.60

Personal art studio containers

Hexagonal prism container

AED 30.12

Good source of lightning

Natural lighting is considered the optimal source for your personal art studio. Natural daylight is essential for artists in their personal art studio.

Personal art studio

Proper lighting source

It is a well-known fact that colors are much more clearer in daylight, whether you’re drawing or painting. Therefore having a room, and the drawing set up near a window is the best.

If you’re comfortable working in evening or night, a good quality table lamp or spotlight fitted with a LED daylight bulb is recommended as a direct source.

A direct light source is preferred when you’re producing a detailed work. It helps in the viewing and later photographing your artwork easier. Get these lights at Aliexpress:

Personal art studio

Panasonic LED desk lamp

AED 486.10

A good quality adjustable light lets you focus on the light on specific areas of your work and avoid eye strain in the dark.

Personal art studio. Adjustable light

Panasonic adjustable touch led lamp

AED 427.04

Water and sink

Whichever artwork design you like to follow, a supply of water is important in your personal art studio. It helps you in creating your artwork, cleaning, and maintaining the work areas.

You can use these portable sink, till you fit in a new sink.

Portable sink

AED 49.70

With water and sink facilities, items such as small water containers and buckets are recommended. In your personal art studio, be it watercolor or craftwork like paper mache or clay work, these items will be important.

Foldable buckets are recommended as it takes much less space, giving you an organized personal art studio.

Personal art studio

AED 38.13

Graphite pencils

Rummage through your old stationary and shelves, hoard as many pencils you can find. Different quality graphite pencils can be used for different purposes. It will be the item most used in your personal art studio.

We have found these pencil set for high-quality shading and sketching.

Get these art supplies from AliExpress

Personal art studio

No wood all graphite pencils

AED 31.19

Personal art studio

Charcoal sketching set

AED 59.47


The division of paintbrushes according to their functions are important. Keep the fine tips brushes away from the primer home brushes. Keeping the brushes in different glass containers will give you better access to your organized personal art studio.

Here are some of the quality paintbrush for you:-

Nylon hair paint brushTransparent container filled with white beads and brown makeup brushes

Nylon hair paint brush set

AED 16.17

Personal art studio

Chinese calligraphy brush

AED 106

If you’ve any damaged brushes, you can have a separate container to soak them in brush restoration liquid.

Drawing desk

A flash large working space is essential for artists to lay out the materials and artwork. A drawing desk is an integral part of your personal art studio.

A surface resistant to stains from glue, paint, and other such artwork materials are preferred. Here are our top picks.

Personal art studio

Beech drawer wood stand

AED 209.33

Personal art studio

Pine Easel Drawing table

AED 1442.47

Artist pallet

Mixing and combining colors is a part of the daily life of an artist, and a pallet is the center of the work. Here are some pallets for your personal art studio:

Wooden pallet for the conventional way of painting

Wooden artist pallet

AED 28.47

Acrylic pallet for easy cleaning

Acrylic paint pallet

AED 14.07

Paper towels

From cleaning your spills and brushes to giving you abstract inspiration, paper towels help you maintain your equipment.

Personal art studio

AED 86

After getting your personal art studio supplies, you can also get a computer and a scanner. Digitization is an option in modern technology, but it is up to you.

How to organize your personal art studio?

A confined space demands a creative and organized method. You should always understand how to declutter and organize your personal space.

  • Add floating shelves to the wall to organize the jars and containers.
  • Place it vertically: placing your items such as the sketchpads on the wall vertically.
  • Label it: use a label maker and label everything in your personal art studio. Even your brushes according to your use. You will be inclined to put it back as you finish
  • If you have no space for dry racks, suspend wire to peg the wet drawings.
  • Use foldable buckets, tables, and out such items to utilize the space efficiently.

We hope that this post was informative for your search. We wish that the artist in you blooms during this lockdown and you have an amazing experience.