You have got flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s day ready, but a proper Valentine’s Day is always incomplete without the scent of love. Perfumes are very personal and intimate which makes them, one of the best things that you can gift your Valentine. A good fragrance has the power to enhance your mood. It can evoke memories and take you to faraway lands. Moreover, studies have shown that it can even help you fall in love! Just by taking a whiff of someone’s smell, your subconscious mind can be so struck that it sends signals of attraction to your brain. Here are three reasons to show why perfumes make the perfect Valentine’s day gift.

Valentine’s day fragrances have a direct connection with emotions and feelings

The olfactory bulb which detects all the smells and odors is part of the brain’s limbic system. This limbic system, also known as the emotional brain, is responsible for processing all your emotions and memories. Therefore, it’s this strong emotional component of perfume that gives it the power to make us fall head over heels simply through scent.

Perfumes are very intimate and personal

Another beauty of perfumes is that they are deeply personal and can evoke strong memories with a single note, even on a subconscious level. Just a single whiff of a scent can take your mind back to some of your favorite memories. Every fragrance has a unique memory entwined within it and that’s what makes it so personal.

 It is an extension of your personality

The fragrance that you wear is an extension of your personality because it portrays an image of how you wish others to perceive you. Our sense of smell is the most primitive and immediate, so, by wearing an appropriate fragrance you can introduce yourself without even speaking a word.

Fragrances for the season of love

Perfumes are very intimate and personal so be very careful when you are choosing one. There are different perfumes for different occasions and seasons. Winter fragrances are more towards the musky and heavy side and on the contrary, summer fragrances are more fresh and fruity. Since this is the season of love, VoucherCodesUAE brings you fragrances that are perfect to celebrate Valentine’s day.

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Top 3 Valentine’s perfumes for her

Ariana Grande – Cloud

Valentine's perfumes for her

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The Ariana Grande – Cloud by Ariana Grande smells extremely sweet and sexy which makes it a good option for Valentine’s Day. It comes with uplifting bergamot orange, rich lavender, and juicy pear which create a bright opening. The sweetness of the perfume also perfectly resonates with the cold winter weather and it is brutally long-lasting.

Price: AED: 335

Tiffany & co – Intense

Valentine's perfumes for him

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This little bottle of love comes with a bit of sweetness but generally is a very seductive powdery and luxury scent. This floral fragrance has a blend of jasmine, lotus, lilac. woods, amber, and musk. Its also true to its name as it is very intense and long-lasting. If you want to surprise her with something different, but at the same time, a tad bit classy, Intense by Tiffany is the way to go. 

Price: AED: 390.78

Christian Dior – Gris Montaigne

Fragrances for valentines day

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This is a fragrance, that is resonating with oakmoss, but also has the sweet essence of a rose. Together, they give off a bittersweet, woody note that is intensely refreshing. It has this old-school, old-fashioned kind of a fragrance, represented in the most modern way. Overall, Gris Christianis an everlasting symbol of elegance, perfection, and luxury. 

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Price: AED 1536.05

Top 3 Valentine’s perfumes for him

Here are the top perfumes for him from noon

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Salvatore Ferragamo – F Black

Valentine's fragrances for her

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This is a fragrance that feels contemporary yet it is timelessly elegant. It is extremely pleasant on your senses and smells like a mix of apple, pepper, and tonka beans. F Black is one of the last creations of Oliver Polge who is now the exclusive in-house perfumer of Chanel. The Salvatore Ferragamo – F black is very masculine but also playful. It is fruity because of the apple, has a spicy vibe too because of the pepper, and also has the seductive sweetness of the Tonka beans. 

Price: AED: 143 

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Tiziana Terenzi – Dionisio

Perfumes for valentine's day

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This is currently one of the best musk-based fragrances in the market. It smells of a deep musk mixed with luxurious oud and fresh ambergris notes. The Dionisio by Tiziana Terenzi can be the most sensual fragrance that you’ve come across. It slowly develops in your skin and wraps you up with an intoxicating cloud of fragrance that resonates perfectly with the season of love. 

Price: AED 617

So, which one will you choose?


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