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With exclusive deals on home and kitchen appliances including furniture, cushions, lightings, and more, you can revamp your abode. Cozy up and make it feel warm for the winter by adding tiles and accessorizing with some faux fur. Take this opportunity to light up your house so that you kick off the new decade in high spirits.

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Opt for deep colors this winter

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Light colors are great for summer as they reflect away the light and keep you cool. Whereas, in winter you should go for deeper colors of your choice. These deep color decor will definitely make your surroundings cozier. You can go for deep-colored textiles that will trap in some of the heat and keep you warm. You can cover your windows with these 2-piece nature collection curtains which also add some elegance to your home decor.

Don’t shy away from rugs

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When you are living in such a warm place like the Middle East, rugs are of little practical use during most times of the year. However, you can definitely floor your home with some quality rugs in the winter. The rugs will keep your feet warm and also will add a touch of class to your home decor. There are comfy rugs that you can layer over your sofa whereas there are beautiful furs in many color options that you can place on the floor.

Throw in some cushions and bean bags

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When it comes to winter, anything that adds some extra comfort and warmth to your home is always a welcome addition. There are many shapes and sizes that you can choose from. It’s entirely up to you to pick the ones that will go with the furniture that you have at your home. You can choose the perfect one for you from as they also have a variety of graphic cushions.¬†You can get a few bean bags delivered to you and keep them by the window or on your patio. Nothing beats the comfort of sinking in a bean bag playing your favorite video game or reading your book and sipping a cup of hot chocolate.

Play with fluffy comforters

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Comforters are essentials every winter. Treat yourself to the softest and the fluffiest comforter sets from You should keep one thing in mind while choosing your comforters. As some of the comforters can be a bit on the heavier side. This factor can disturb your sleep so choose the comforter that will keep you warm but is also lightweight and fluffy. The right comforter will make you sleep and drool like a baby. Along with a warm comforter also make sure that you get a loud alarm clock. Or you may never wake up from the comfort.

Warm lighting and quality music for the ambiance

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Winter is a season filled with festivals and holidays. To keep your home in a festive vibe, invest in some good lightings that can create a soothing and warm abience to your home. has an exquisite collection of lights and lamps that can lift up the ambiance of your home. The perfect lighting at your home can set the perfect mood for your family. Once the lights are done, switch your attention to getting some good quality speakers. This way you will enjoy your winter under cozy lights and your favorite music.

Go on a furniture spree because it is 70% off

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If you are looking to add some cool furniture to your home, this is the perfect time to do so, as is giving discounts up to 70% on furniture this December. You can choose from a range of furniture which includes everything from sofa sets, tables, and chairs to full bedroom sets. This is an excellent opportunity to overhaul your living room or refurbish your bedroom.

Don’t just let it look great, but also smell great!

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This winter you can take things three notches up by getting a perfect fragrance for your home. You got rugs, comforters, lights, music, and everything else. Pamper all your senses by adding the home fragrance to that list. There are many ways you can go about it. Scented candles would be our pick as it serves two purposes and would suit the festive season perfectly. For instance, it gives you a good fragrance and also sets up the abience through its cozy light.

Sizzle your winter with the right barbecue set

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To top it all off, winter is the perfect time to enjoy a hot sizzling barbecue. Nothing beats the experience of preparing a steak sitting and bonding with your family on a cool winter evening. Get the perfect barbecue set that suits your home and your lifestyle. The options are endless. For instance, you can go for a big barbecue set that would fit well in your backyard or a smaller and compact one that would fit perfectly in your kitchen or balcony.