One of the most awaited days in the Islamic calendar, Eid! Marking the end of Ramadan or the month of Ramadan. Which is why we’re here to celebrate with you by rounding out all the best discounted deals and offers on VoucherCodesUAE.
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Cobone :


One of the Middle East’s largest daily deal or group buying site, they offer you the latest and best deals on all the things to do in Dubai. Sight, Smell and Sound, they’ve got you covered. They’ve got you lists of what to eat, buy and see in UAE and Saudi Arabia.
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If food is what you’re looking for then we’ve got you deals on delicious Iftaar Buffet! If you need some delicious drinks to quench your thirst we’ve got those for you as well! Cobone Coupon Codes allow you to save money this Ramadan as well!
With 60% off on Suhoor deals with Cobone and VoucherCodesUAE. Iftaar deals leave you with a discounted price of 60% as well!
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Ranging from 50% off on not one, two or three but FIVE Iftar or Eid Buffets you also stand a chance to win an iftar buffet with Cobone Coupon and Voucher Codes.
With a grand 50% off on Eid Buffets, there are also 34% deals that allow you to save on delicious Iftar meals with Ramadan Juicies as well!

With an active growth of 15 countries and 500 markets around the world, groupon has worked with more than a million merchants to date. With 49.5 million global active customers, and 90% consumer satisfaction. VoucherCodesUAE has brought Groupon Codes to you!
Ramadan is the time of fasting and restriction. Which is why we want to make sure you meals are delicious, healthy and affordable. With our Voucher Codes for Groupon we’ve made sure that we have presented to you the best deals and offers for you!
With Ramadan special meals catered just for you. We’re giving you upto 70% off on food, with Iftaar meals and menus on Groupon.
Wether you’re looking for deals on Drinks, Restaurants or more, Groupon Coupon Codes and Voucher Codes UAE.
With all you can eat buffets at Hatam that are priced for just AED 29! We’re also offering you 34% off on an Iftaar Buffet with Ramadan Juices at Groupon as well!

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