Amazing Living Style after Sun Set in Dubai

Dubai is not just sand, skyscrapers, culture, and fine food. When the sun sets, a myriad of activities emerges. From shop therapy to scuba, don’t miss out on these late night events. Nightlife Dubai has improved by leaps and bounds since the mid-90s and party animals will find that this diversely rich city has much to offer in terms of night time activity.

The party scene in Dubai is restricted mostly to large hotels as these establishments have a liquor license that allows them to serve alcohol in their bars, lounges and clubs.The crowd is largely mixed with people of both Eastern and Western origin. Thursday and Friday nights are the busiest in NightLife Dubai as Thursday is the last day of the work week, and Friday-Saturday is the weekend of most people.

Jumeirah 360-VCUAE

Night Clubs

Night Clubs in Dubai offer unforgettable experiences right from the music to the venue. Few clubs can compete with the renowned Jumeirah 360º  bar and club perched on the rooftop terrace at the end of pier in the heart of the Arabian Gulf. As the name suggests, the club offers stunning views of Dubai’s spectacular shorelines as well as the Burj al Arab in the distance.

For a unique night on the town that can only be experienced in a vibrant city such as Dubai, party goers can opt to party on Nasimi Beach, an artificial beach set out to 7km out to sea.


A grooving nightclub on weekends, Nasimi is equally comfortable as an elite beach club on week nights. For serious music fans, Trilogy located at the Souk Madinat Jumeirah, hosts some of the top DJs every week. It is one of the best places to visit for modern music lovers.


Dubai is a composition city with a widely diverse population of people fro all over the world with different tastes. The city has a vibrant nightlife with a plethora of restaurants that feature cuisines from different parts of the world. Dubai has come of the best restaurants in the United Arab Emirates. Dining out is a major pastime of locals, residents and visitors. The restaurant scene has never been as varied and exciting as it is right now. The sheer number of restaurants and types of cuisine, to suit all budgets is huge. In short, if you enjoy food, you will love Dubai. Checkout Arabian Adventures for a wide range of activities and fun.