2020 has begun and its time to bid goodbye to last year’s fashion trends. While the corduroy, neck scarves and plaid pants of 2019 were great, 2020 promises to be a year of bold colors, high waists and Cuban heels.

A new decade calls for a new style, so VoucherCodesUAE brings for you the top 9 men’s fashion trends of 2020.

Wear those pants up to your belly

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It’s quite simple, just wear your pants a little bit higher than you normally do. You can rock this trend in denim, chinos, dress pants and it will all work really well. Look more stylish; tuck your shirts in and add another layer on top of it. The outcome will be a bold move and a good style statement. This pair of Slim Jeans with Gapflex from GAP is a good way to go if you are looking to follow this trend. Use the Code: FNF to get an extra 10% off on all purchases from GAP.

Add some color into your wardrobe

Mens Fashion VoucherCodesUAE

When it comes to style in 2020, the brighter the better. Mix colors all together with different shades and patterns and make it fun. Not saying that you should ditch all the neutrals but just add some colors in your wardrobe. You can totally wear a bright top along with bright pants, it’s a new decade afterall.

Cuban Heeled Boots

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I hope you are all ready to be a little bit taller in 2020 because the Cuban Heeled boots are back. These are literally just a step up from your Chelsea boots. Adding the height factor along with style, the heeled-boot will take you some time to get used to as it is much different than a flat boot. However, its sleek silhouette makes it really worth it. You can wear these with some slim-fit pants or even the high waisted pants as mentioned above.

To start off, a simple pair of black boots can work great for you, however, if you like to go bold there are patterns and other bold designs that you can play with. Get up to 70% off on these boots using the Code: AEXP1.

If heeled-boots isn’t your statement, then you can check out the list of our boot picks here.

Personalize your outfits

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It is time to start accessorizing in a real way guys, and we are specifically talking about rings and necklaces. Bracelets are cool and earings are a comeback, but try to stay away from those. Rings and necklaces are an easy way to take a very basic and casual outfit on another level of trendy. Start shopping for accessories at H&M as they have really affordable and approachable collection. Try and tes what works best for you., then later you can upgrade to pure gold or platinum pieces of jewelry. Use code: DH00 to get 20% off on all purchases from H&M.

Rock em white socks

Mens Fashion VoucherCodesUAE

This trend kicked-off in the latter half of 2019 and is here to stay with us in 2020. White socks work awesome with sneakers and dress shoes . When you wear a cropped or cuffed pair of pants with a dark shoe, that prominent white sock gives a super stylish edge. You can also do an all-white shoe with a white sock and make it flow all the way up to your pants. Make sure you wear them with something that is going to show a little bit of that sock, like cropped pants or cuffed ones.

Double Breasted Suits

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These have also been making a little bit of comeback this year. One thing to keep in mind is that it is to be worn a little-bit oversized and not super tight. You can wear it in a casual way or a formal way and look really nice in both. You can get one at a really affordable price point on H&M and pair it some graphic-t and some sneakers. It will be a nice twist on the outfit when you are headed for a night out, it will help you standout than everybody else and it will also elevate your style.

Wear a lot of fleece

Mens Fashion VoucherCodesUAE

Fleece jackets, fleece vests, and even fleece pants are cool right now. If you are heading out casually and look like you are going camping because you are covered with fleece, then you are looking great. Wearing fleece in all kinds of different ways in fall and winter is really comfortable, warm and stylish. This pair of fleece pants from GAP and fleece hooded jackets from H&M are perfect for following this trend this winter and spring.

Monochrome your outfits

Mens Fashion VoucherCodesUAE

It’s as simple as this, pick one color and wear it from head to toe. It can be bright, it can be neutral, whatever you prefer but make sure that all of the things you are wearing are of the same color. You can wear black as it is an easy way to introduce yourself to this concept but it is really fun if you go with a bolder color and just wear all of it.

Wear it in

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You don’t always have to be buying new clothes to look good. If you like vintage fashion you will really enjoy this new trend towards wearing old worn-in very quality stuff that has been beaten up and worn to the core, but hey it is perfectly molded to your body. If you buy quality clothes and you wear them a ton like an old denim jacket or some jeans or an old suit, things like that can be extremely stylish as it almost feels like a vintage piece, but it’s all you.