Pretty eyelashes are all fun and games, until it’s not. Applying eyelashes with a right amount of glue spread out is a taxing task and carrying the falsies throughout, ensuring it is not sticking out at the corners, is another anxiety-giving exercise. Added to all these, you need an extra dose of patience to avoid messing up the process. The solution for it all has emerged in what seems to be the growing beauty trend- magnetic eyelashes.

What are magnetic eyelashes?

Magnetic lashes are falsies that does not require an adhesive. Each lash strip comes with two layers dotted with tiny magnets. One is to be applied on top of your natural eyelashes, and another one at the bottom, so that your natural lashes are sandwiched between the falsies, gripped by a magnetic force. It is relatively simple to use but you may need a bit of a practice to master the art of applying magnetic falsies while being okay to let the magnets close to your eyes, yikes!

How to apply?

The first step is to curl your eyelashes and then apply a coat of mascara to create a solid base for the magnets to stick to. Get your magnetic lashes out, and place one strip on top of your natural lashes as close to your natural lashes as you can, then place the bottom part underneath; the two magnetic lashes should click. Lash applicator as well as your fingers can be used to nail the application of magnetic lashes. Told you, no big deal. It gets easier over time.

How to remove?

Gently pull the lashes apart by lifting the top lash and pulling down the bottom one, or peel off the top and the bottom. However, refrain from pulling the lashes as it can harm your natural lashes.

Magnetic lashes comes with two layers, each dotted with tiny magnets

Magnetic lashes comes with two layers, each dotted with tiny magnets (Picture credit: Pinterest)

Is it safe?

Experts have said that it is generally safe to use. In fact, it is much more safer than the glue, which can be harmful for your eyes. FDA actually gives magnetic lashes a seal of approval. However, keeping few precautions in mind would do more good; for example, ensuring that you apply the lashes with clean, dry and sanitized hands will prevent bacteria from getting in your eyes. Storing it in your eyelash case should help with its durability.

Are magnetic lashes worth all the hype?

The mixed reviews have made it hard to come to a conclusion, so magnetic lashes, like all make-up choices are a personal one. There will definitely be more trials and errors when it comes to selecting the right magnetic lashes for your eyes, but that should not make you give up on this innovation. What matters is, it is fun!

Our top picks for magnetic lashes

Ardell Magnetic lashes

Ardell Magnetic Accents #001 is one of the best selling magnetic lashes


The pair of 2 magnetic double strips are full lash accents which look natural, but dramatic and defined. A highly recommended one is #001, which isn’t a full strip, but makes your eyelashes naturally voluminous. It is available on at AED 82, and you can avail 10% off using coupon codes from smart saving site, VoucherCodesUAE.

Eylure Luxe Magnetic Lashes – Baroque Corner

Eylure’s magnetic baroque is a criss-crossed mink lashes with flared edges. The easy to apply eyelash comes with an applicator. Available on, the lashes cost AED 72.45.

One Two Lash

The brand is credited for inventing magnetic lashes. Allure called it a “break-through innovative beauty product,” in 2016. One Two Lash magnetic lashes are lightweight and reusable, and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. It is available on the site One Two Lash.

Luv Lashes Magnetic Eyelashes

Perfect for a night out or a casual day at work, Luv Lashes come with dual magnets on each lash and has the credibility of lasting up to 12 hours. Slightly on the expensive side, Luv Lashes are versatile to use, is fluff and feels light on the lid.