With the ever-growing busy schedule, it might be difficult to balance work and your hobbies— especially if you have a hobby like gardening. Besides picking the right soil and planting your seeds, you need to water them and check on them regularly. Wondering how you can have a home or a workspace filled with fresh-looking plants that don’t demand too much time and care to flourish? We’re here to help you with that!

VoucherCodesUAE presents to you 10 of the best low maintenance houseplants from Plant Shop that you can use to beautify the indoors of your home.

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Benefits of Growing homebase indoor plants

Before buying these plants, here are five benefits we thought you should know:

  • They’re great for beautification and add life to your space.
  • Most houseplants act as natural air purifiers.
  • These types of plants are easy to maintain and don’t demand much time or care.
  • They can grow in the worst conditions and still manage to look fresh.
  • Houseplants are said to boost mood, concentration, productivity, and creativity.

Best Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Aloe Vera

low maintenance houseplants from VoucherCodes

Aloe Vera is truly an attractive and beneficial succulent plant to grow in your home. It is one of the most widely used medicinal plants and people have been growing this variety of plants for literally thousands of years. Aloe Vera has thick and plump leaves that are full of gel. These as well as its thick roots store water well allowing the plant to thrive best in dry conditions. The soil should be allowed to go completely dry before being watered. However, do keep in mind that while Aloe Vera is easy to maintain, fairly trouble-free, and can be grown indoors, it needs bright, natural light to grow and thrive. It is a sun-loving plant and not a low-light houseplant.

Current Price: AED 32

Chinese Evergreen

Low Maintenance Houseplants VoucherCodesUAE

Another of the most common homebase indoor and office plants is the Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema ‘Maria’). Its broad, decorative leaves flaunt gorgeous patterns in various colors such as glossy greens, silvers, grays, and cream. It is tolerant of lower light levels often found in homes and offices. This air-purifying houseplant is one of the most durable houseplants you can grow. Tolerating poor light, dry air, and drought, it still continues to look fresh and green all year. Thanks to its hardiness, even the least experienced gardener can successfully grow the Chinese evergreen.

Current Price: AED 48

Snake Plant

homebase indoor plants VoucherCodesUAE

The Snake Plant (Sansevierias) is extremely popular because of its super low maintenance and clean look besides being known for its air-purifying properties. Its blade-like leaves come in a wide range of colors and patterns giving it a pretty look. They tolerate low light conditions, as well as artificial light and, are therefore suitable for most homes and offices.

Snake Plants are definitely some of the toughest plants you can find. Low-light, drought, and insects prove to be no match for this sturdy houseplant. These can do pretty well with watering every 2-6 weeks, depending on your home’s temperature, light levels, and humidity. So, if you are someone who has little time for your plants, this is the one for you.

Current Price: AED 53

Rubber Plant

the best Low Maintenance Houseplants VoucherCodesUAE

Belonging to the Ficus genus, the Rubber Plant is a popular ornamental plant. If you are an indoor grower looking for a tree-type plant species with attractive foliage, this would make for an excellent choice. The rubber plant is all about having a mini tree with broad shiny attractive leaves inside the house. When this homebase indoor plant is about 1 – 2 ft tall, it is well suited to be sitting as a centerpiece on a table, on a shelf, or on a windowsill, but once it begins to grow above 3 ft it looks great as a standing plant near door entrances (as longs as there are no cold drafts).

Current Price: AED 42

Peace Lily

homebase indoor plants with low Maintenance

The Peace Lily, also known as the closet plant is another popular choice for offices and homes. This variety of plants not only brightens up living space but is also said to be excellent at cleaning the air of the room they are in. When it comes to indoor plants, these are some of the easiest to care for. However, while Peace Lilies are easy to grow, proper growing conditions are still important. Peace lily lives best in shade and needs little sunlight to thrive, and is watered approximately once a week. The soil is best left moist and only needs watering if the soil is dry.

Current Price: AED 40


homebase indoor plants decorations

The good news is, many of the most common houseplants don’t like a lot of water. These low maintenance houseplants only need to be watered once every two weeks or so— perfect for the truly busy bees. For generations, philodendrons have stayed put in interior gardens. Plant Shop has a really cool range of Philodendrons. It is easy to take care of these plants and even inexperienced houseplant owners will have no trouble growing philodendron plants because they adapt readily to the conditions inside the home. All you need to do is watch for the signals and the plant will tell you exactly what it needs.

Current Price Range: AED 37- AED 210.

Kentia Palm

homebase indoor plants with low Maintenance from VoucherCodesUAE

The Kentia Palm is another popular choice among interior decorators because it is well suited for container growing. This elegant palm does quite well indoors as it is extremely durable and grows slowly. But once established, Kentia palm plants are fairly tolerant to drought, although they do not like to be overly dry, or for that matter overly wet. You need to water them only when the top inch or so (2.5 cm.) of the soil starts to dry out.  Although palms are mostly outdoor plants, the Kentia Palm has everything you could ask for in an indoor palm. It is shade tolerant, cold tolerant, and doesn’t grow too alarmingly large.

Current Price: AED 154

Zz Plant

Low Maintenance Houseplants which is worth to have at home

Popularly known as the ZZ Plant, the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia is another great plant for the ultimate brown thumb. This houseplant can take months of low light and neglect while still looking amazing. These are often mistaken for fake plants because they require such little amount of care but always look healthy. They do well in areas with low light and their maintenance is very easy. But just because it does not require daily watering, doesn’t mean it can do without any water at all. To keep it healthy, water only when the top few inches of soil feels dry. Pay attention to it and make sure that you are not starving it to death.

Current Price: AED 37

Spider Plant

beautiful homebase indoor plants VoucherCodesUAE

The Spider Plant is a flowering perennial herb often considered to be one of the most adaptable of houseplants and the easiest to grow. This plant is perfect for beginners who don’t really have much time or a green thumb. It is easy to propagate and care for and tolerates average room conditions. The slender, arching leaves grow from a central crown and can reach up to 1 ft (30 cm) long. To bring the best out in the color of its leaves, you need to give this plant plenty of light. While they prefer light shade and well-drained soil, spider plants will grow under most conditions— ranging from semi-shady to partial direct sun.

Current Price: AED 48

Jade Plant

the best homebase indoor plants

Jade plants are long-lived succulent houseplants that are pretty easy to grow and maintain indoors. They have thick, woody stems and oval-shaped leaves which give them a miniature, tree-like appearance. These plants reach heights of up to 3 feet or more when grown indoors. This feature makes them very appealing to use as a decorative low maintenance houseplant. They live for a very long time and are often passed down from generation to generation.

Current Price: AED 63- AED 137

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