Missing the movie theaters, the hustle, and experience? Don’t you worry, we know exactly what you need right now. Your OWN PERSONAL MOVIE THEATER!

Yes, you heard it right. We will help you set your personal movie theater and make it the best theatrical experience ever. VoucherCodesUAE with amazing offers from Amazon brings your movie-going experience at home.

Let’s get started with the transformation of your living room into a personal movie theater, for movie marathons during this quarantine. You will know the difference between a “movie night” and “movie experience”.

Find that screen

I have good news! You don’t have to get a screen, your TV will work just fine. However, if you are all in for an all-consuming movie experience, you will need these: a high-quality projector and a projector screen.

Movie projector

Personal movie theater

VANMO mini projector

AED 499.90

Vamvo L4200 projector is an HD Video projector, deemed ideal for entertainment at home. It supports 1080P resolution, providing an accurate color contrast. It has multiple ports, including HDMI, USB, audio and AV interfaces. The fact that it can easily connect with your phone, PS3, X-Box, Wii or PS4 is a bonus.

Projector Screen

Personal movie theater

100 inch diagonal display

AED 355

This portable screen comes with its own stand. An optimal view of 120°, and 4:3 projection, gives you the ultimate experience of your personal movie theater.

Bring in the sounds

Be it the deafening silence of ‘A Quiet Place’ or the bloodcurdling screams of a horror movie, clear sound is a crucial part of theatrical experience. A 5.1 system, that is, five speakers and one subwoofer is the best for the job. It recreates the multidirectional sound of the theater perfectly. A perfect choice for your personal movie theater.

Personal movie theater

Logitech 5.1 multispeaker

AED 371.98

A sound speaker system, a peak power of 150W to fill your room with rich clear sounds. Every movie and game will be more enjoyable when you can hear and feel every sound.

Dim the lights and mind the noise

We certainly cannot neglect lighting for an authentic theater experience. From warding off unwanted noises to creating the best contrasts for your screen, we have the perfect things for your personal movie theater.

Blackout curtains

These curtains do a wonderful job of blocking any extra lighting, and even prevents the occurrence of any muddy sound.

Personal theater

Deconovo blackout curtains

AED 110.30

Bias lighting

Personal movie theater

Backlash Bias Lighting

AED 99.99

Throwing in some soft lights on the wall or behind the mounted TV adds to the richness of the screen. Adding to the whole ambiance of your personal movie theater, it will make the picture pop!


If you have hard flooring, you can throw in a rug. It does sound like going an extra mile of effort, but it’s worth it. The rug will absorb any rough sound waves, giving you a richer and crispier sound profile.

Personal theater

Modern shaggy rug

AED 339.99

Add your touches

Personal touches are exactly the factor that makes this setup, your own personal movie theater. Throw in the smell and taste of the true movie-going experience. You will love the warmth that you create. The memorabilia of your favorite movie, a large poster, or a print. Be you! Make it yours!

Soda maker

Personal movie theater

DIY soda maker

AED 154.11

The ‘LNLN’ soda maker helps you easily carbonate any beverage. Be it water, juices, iced tea, coffee, flat soda, unleash the fizz in a healthy and delicious way. This DIY delicious drink maker will be the perfect addition to your personal home theater experience. The compact form eliminates any extra space and it is easy to clean after your movie gets over.

Popcorn Popper

Personal movie theater

Nostalgia Stir Popcorn Popper

AED 109

Nostalgia Stir popcorn Popper is the 50’s style sir popcorn maker and a serving bowl in one! The stir popcorn gets its name from the serving rod inside, which prevents the corns from burning. It is fun and very easy to use, adding up a notch on your personal movie theater.

Don’t forget to add up a variety of flavors from caramel to cheese, to truly enjoy the personal movie theater experience.

There, we have it, your own personal movie theater, we hope you enjoy this quarantine with numerous movie marathons with your friends and family.

Remember to have fun and create as many memories as you can. After all, that’s all we have in the end, family and memories. Have the best time with your family and take care of yourself!

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