The Libra month is here, and this means everyone with a dear Libran in their lives is hunting for the perfect gift/s to present to them. Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Venus. With Air as their element, people falling under this zodiac sign are born between September 23 and October 22. Libras are said to be charming, aesthetically beautiful, self-indulgent, and generous. Depicted by the scales, they are naturally well-balanced and crave balance wherever possible. VoucherCodesUAE presents to you the 10 perfect Libra gift ideas that’ll surely please them. Get verified exciting discount deals and coupon codes for your lovely gifts.

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Unique and special Libra Gift Ideas

Air Humidifier

Libra Gift Ideas in VoucherCodesUAE

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What could an Air sign possibly love more than an air-related gift itself? Gift them an air humidifier, and we’re pretty sure they’ll love it! Besides, this gift is not only good for the sake of it, but it has real benefits in the long run too. You can check out some of these best air humidifiers and take your pick.

Art Piece

Interesting Libra Gift Ideas VoucherCodesUAE

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Libras are by birth connected to aesthetically pleasing things, and this means no one would appreciate a beautiful painting or any artwork as much as a Libra would do. Paint them one yourself or if you’re not much of an artist, these Canvas Paintings on noon are all so beautiful, we’re sure they’d admire any of these. Besides, a piece of art like this one is a keeper for ages. You can look for beautiful paintings at

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Foot Massager

cool gift for Libra

This would make for an unusual but surely very thoughtful Libra gift idea. And why not? Libras, as mentioned earlier, are self-indulgent and this means they love pleasure and relaxation. Your dear Libran will definitely be amused to receive a foot massager as their gift. Choose and pick from a range of Foot Massagers on Carrefour UAE.

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Libra gifts for her

Venus is the planet of luxury, and Libras, being ruled by this, wouldn’t mind a flashy gift. You could gift them a pretty bracelet, a sparkly pendant, or even a studded watch for that matter. The receiver would gladly remember you every time they wear it. Check out the oh-so-wow collection from Swarovski.

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Gaming Accessories

presents for a Libra

Libras are pretty much on the smarter side and naturally good gamers too. Born gifted with symmetry and equilibrium, the ones who are into video games are really good at it. Gift them gaming accessories to help them with their game! Check out these best gaming controllers and headsets under AED 300.

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best gifts for Libras

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Libras being the kind-hearted ones, are always up for pleasing others. This gives them a hard time saying no to invites, as well as keeping a track of what to do next. Gifting them a planner would surely be a cool surprise. Get this Hardcover Weekly Planner where they can keep a record of their day-to-day lives and appointments.

Yoga Mat

best gifts for Libra

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This zodiac sign is all about inner peace and balance. One way they like to achieve this is through Yoga and workouts. So some best present for Libra would be products that they can make use of for these purposes will surely please them. Gift them a pretty yoga mat or other cool workout tools to help them find their inner balance in style!

Self-care Set

gifts for Libras

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Libras are pretty much on the narcissistic side and would absolutely be pleased with any gift that’s gonna aid them to pamper themselves.

The best present for Libra for women and man

For Her

A beauty set would do wonders for a Libra woman. Gift her some of these beauty products from Amazon she can use to pamper herself with. She’ll thank you every time she looks in a mirror!

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For Him

It’s not a difficult choice, and this will pretty much make a practical one too. For the Libra man, you can pick any of these best beard trimmers and help him maintain a well-manicured beard.

Latest Fashion Products

Libra gift ideas

Libras are said to be the most stylish of the zodiac, so they’d always want to own what’s latest in fashion. 6th Street has the trendiest of stuff and is always updated with the latest arrivals. For shoes, bags, and accessories from the world’s most coveted fashion brands, this has to be your go-to stop. Check out the collection and gift your fashionista the latest products.

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Gift Card

best present for Libra

None the gifts above work for you? This one surely will. Well, it does for everyone and every single time too! There’s nothing better than gifting someone a gift card if you’re pretty unsure of what to get them. Gift your favorite Libran a gift card from any of their favorite stores on al giftcards and watch how it pleases them.

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