With every new season, there’s definitely going to be a need for your wardrobe revamp. If you haven’t already, you certainly should consider looking into Korean Fashion (popularly called K-fashion) for this summer. Be it K-pop, K-drama, K-beauty, or K-fashion, Korean culture is literally taking the world by storm. The K-fashion trends are popular because of their minimalism and comfort and are great for casual, semi-formal as well as formal wear. The trends in this type of fashion can easily make for your go-to outfits.

VoucherCodesUAE presents to you K-fashion for summer and two of the top brands where you can get these looks from— Namshi and VogaCloset. Get these looks and flaunt K-fashion the way K-pop stars do. If you are really into the Korean culture, you can even try out the K-beauty regime for the “glass-skin look”.

Summer Korean fashion for women

Casual Outfits

K-fashion for summer VoucherCodesUAE

Courtesy: Pinterest

This simple yet cool look can be carried off by anyone. It literally consists of all the basics one usually has. All you need to do is mix and match well. Get the look here:

K-fashion for summer

These loose-fitting jeans are made of comfortable denim fabric and perfect for summer. Get the K-fashion look by pairing it up with a plain t-shirt, comfy sneakers, and a white sling bag.

  • Adicolor 3-stripe T-shirt.
  • Low Top Sneakers.
  • White Sling Bag.

Pastel and Neutral Shades

Korean fashion for summer VoucherCodesUAE

Courtesy: Pinterest

A major aspect of K-fashion is all about pastel shades and neutral tones. These colors would be great for summers since they are subtle and soothing. Pastel, as well as neutral tones, flatter all skin tones and they also suit both men and women.

You can go for pastel colors with loose denim or even skinny-fit ones. Throw a cross-body bag or carry a clutch to go with it. Get the look on VogaCloset:

Korean fashion for summer

Get this Pastel Peach Button Down Shirt and pair it up with a pair of skinny jeans.

  • High-waist Skinny Jeans.
  • Grey Top Handle Satchel.

You can check out this range of comfy footwear for summer. Take your pick, mix n’ match!

A-line skirts

Summer K-fashion

Courtesy: Pinterest

A-line skirts are also widely popular when it comes to K-fashion. These skirts are fitted at the hips and gradually widen at the hem, thus flattering a woman’s body, irrespective of her shape. Get the look here:

Summer Korean fashion

  • Beige Button Down Skirt.
  • Slogan T-shirt
  • Converse All-Star.
  • Quilted Black Bag.

Layers and Ruffles

how do Koreans dress in the summer

Courtesy: Pinterest

A lot of K-fashion enthusiasts can also be seen sporting the ruffled top look. You can opt for wearing these tops with skirts, jeans or even shorts— your perfect Korean fashion for summer. Also, layering is a huge trend when it comes to K-fashion.

Get the look here:

Korean summer fashion male

  • Ruffle Paneled Shirt.
  • Ruffle Detail Printed Skirt.
  • White Bag with Handle.
  • Mint High Heels.


Korean summer fashion female

Courtesy: Pinterest

Culottes are some of the most comfortable bottom wear, and since K-fashion is all about comfort and minimalism, these pants have made their way into the trend too. You can pair culottes with a button-down shirt or even a ruffled top and some comfortable flats. Get the look here:

K-fashion for summer male

  • Black Culottes.
  • Grey Button-Down Shirt.
  • Pointed Grey Pump Shoes.

Complete the look with this Black Croc Structured Sling Bag.

Korean summer fashion for Men

While men can easily sport any look from their summer fashion diaries, they can also go for Korean fashion this summer. It will not only be a cool and colorful option for the season but also prove to be comfortable and affordable.


K-fashion for summer female

Courtesy: Pinterest

K-fashion is all about wearing basics in a cooler way. You can get this look here:

Summer K-fashion for male

  • Printed White Shirt.
  • Light Blue Straight Jeans.
  • Converse All-Star.

Checked Shirts

Summer K-fashion for female

Courtesy: Pinterest

Checked shirts left unbuttoned with a plain t-shirt on the inside also serve as a cool part of summer Korean fashion for men. Get the look here:

Summer Korean fashion for male

  • Regular Fit Checked Shirt.
  • Plain White T-shirt.

Besides blue denim, you can also opt for grey pants to go with the look.


Summer Korean fashion for female

Courtesy: Pinterest

Chinos are a style statement for K-fashionistas. They can be worn with a plain t-shirt tucked in or even printed button-down shirts for that cool tropical look. Get this look here:


  • Plain Black T-shirt ( which everyone owns, of course!)
  • Straight Cotton Chinos.
  • Casual Lace-Ups.

Printed T-shirts

Korean fashion

Courtesy: Pinterest

This type of graphic t-shirts also makes a significant part of K-fashion. You can pair them with chinos or shorts and a pair of slip-on or even sneakers. Get the look here:

Trendy K-fashion for summer

  • Printed T-shirt.
  • Grey Cotton Chinos.
  • Mule Loafers.


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