Living alone helps you build the most important relationship – getting committed with yourself. As exciting, the “no rules for me” phase might be, it can be really challenging and tough. So, we planned to help you with the kitchen essentials if you live alone.

God forbid, if you’re someone who’s going to manage the kitchen for the first time, it’s going to be tough. We believe that you can do it! Let your confidence project out through your home.

Kitchen essentials, you absolutely need if you live alone

kitchen essemtials things you need

Whether it’s your own apartment or a rented one, we know that you love your own space. We also understand that solo living can also be costly. At VoucherCodesUAE, we always plan to give you the latest deals and discounts from various brands. Being budget-friendly and helping you out is our goal.

Kitchen essentials list of must-have products

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1. Digital food thermometer

Kitchen essentials if you live alone

There’s absolutely no need to be worried about undercooked meat or being sick. Always check the optimum temperature of the food, you bake, heat, or cook with a digital thermometer. It is the absolute kitchen essentials if you live alone.

Price: AED 7.57.

2. Airtight food containers

Kitchen essentials if you live alone

You may just cook more than you eat. What can you do? Throw it away, right? Wrong! You can reheat it and eat it afterward.

Food containers are great to store your dry food items as well. Cornflakes, cookies, chocolates will be safe! And you can exactly know what you need to buy at your next grocery haul.

Get the above plastic airtight food containers. Price:AED 35.67 – 58.15.

3. Smoothie Blender

Kitchen essentials list if you live alone

No one comes to wake you up when you live alone. And if someone does, you probably need to leave that house.

Your alarm may not be able to save you from being late. Missing breakfast isn’t the right choice, so instead get a smoothie blender. Blend your favorite fruits and make yourself a healthy smoothie.

Get the above portable smoothie blender and get it on the go. Yet, another gem in the kitchen essentials, if you live alone.

Price:AED 63.48 – 64.21.

4. Multipurpose chef knife

Kitchen essentials list of them most importannt things

SUNNECKO 5″ inch Utility Knife

You could buy a set of knives for different purposes, but why would you? If you’re into learning culinary arts, no biggie. You do you. Bring out delicious food. But, if you’re in takeouts and too busy to use it, rather get yourself a multipurpose chef knife.

Get the SUNNECKO 5″ inch Utility Knife. Price: AED 92.57.

5. Knife sharpener

Kitchen essentials for home

Now, if you buy a knife and use it, it’s bound to get blunt at some point. Instead of buying a brand new knife, get yourself a knife sharpener.

Another gem in the list of kitchen essentials if you live alone, the TAIDEA home knife sharpener. Price: AED 167.24.

6. Countertop Compost bin

Kitchen essentials wihch you need at home

Cooking can become messy we get that. Get a compost bin on your countertop. That’s the easiest way to sort between your degradable and non-degradable waste. You can even start your own little indoor garden with the compost you collect! This product has to be on your kitchen essentials list.

Look at you, get independent, and doing good things for the environment as well! Amazing. Price: 104.65.

7. Instant pot cooker

Kitchen essentials list which you need in the kitchen

You might be thinking, why an instant pot, right? Well, compared to cooking with other appliances, such as an oven, stovetop, or microwave. Instant pots save energy up to 70%.

They can cook and prepare your food faster and in an efficient way.

Price: AED 973.39.

We hope you have a great time. Being alone gives you time to new things and understand yourself better. While you’re at it, do check out stress-relieving products.