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This blog is a shout out to all the single people out there. Single’s Awareness week is just around the corner and I hate it when people call it that. It shows you have negative feelings towards this particular holiday. How are you planning on celebrating it this year?


New year resolutions are not that far behind. So this year instead of celebrating it the usual way, (by gossiping about lovey-dovey couples, feeling nauseous when you see the colour red and generally feeling sad about not receiving any presents, why not honor this as a celebration of all kinds of love? Why not do something for yourself that may feed your soul with happiness and contentment on this day? Ever heard of the phrase “love thyself?” It makes you mindful of others, helps you go through life positively and most importantly you get to know your core. As you start understanding yourself better, you start experiencing happiness, you start smiling and achieve the level of inner peace. This means you have managed to unlock a huge achievement. This quote puts it beautifully,

“If you find some happiness inside yourself, you’ll start finding it in a lot of other places.” By anonymous.


This Valentine’s Day, why not dedicate the entire day just for yourself by treating yourself to a spa day or cooking an amazing meal just for yourself or inviting your single friends over for a pot luck meal? Maybe get together and splurge on a shopping spree right from your home. Did you know you could shop from anywhere in the world and get it delivered with Shop and Ship since they have warehouses in all major countries? Which means you pay local delivery charges instead of mind-blowing international delivery charges! No kidding that’s right.


For Girls

To all the lovely ladies out there, Victoria’s Secret Canada is giving out gift cards with great deals & offers to be redeemed from anywhere around the world? Take advantage of this special offer since the prices in Dubai are a hell lot more expensive compared to the Americas and Canada.  There are many more fun activities that you could do. Here are our top 5 picks:

  • Pamper yourself with a Moroccan Bath + other services (AED 159) or you could choose to go luxurious and get a 60-90 minute massage of your choice, have spa and gym access at the So Spa Sofitel in Downtown Dubai.
  • Go for a hot air balloon ride (AED 699), or a helicopter ride, or go snorkeling!
  • Check out the Salt rooms sessions for AED 99 (57% off)
  • Outdoor boot camp sessions (AED 69)


For Guys

To all the handsome lads out there, here are a few things you could be doing on Valentine’s Day. Believe it or not, amazingly most of the men I know love shopping, especially for clothes and for stuff around the house. But I know a lot of men these days get so laid back when it comes to shopping because of the stress that they carry around every day. I always wondered if there was something that could make their life easier but maybe that is a topic for another post. Here are our favourite picks for single men:

  • Upto 80% off on Rolex Watches
  • Collect friends and go rock climbing or paintballing! Or get upto AED 500 off towards games at the Action Zone in Abu Dhabi
  • You know you have needed a massage forever! Get a 60 minute massage at the Lotus Spa Dubai for AED 89 (from AED 200)
  • You know you have always wanted to drive Formula1 cars! Go for the Midweek Single Seater Driving Experience from Dubai AutoDrome-Kartdrome for AED 525 (40$ off)
  • Get yourself the Fitbit that you have had your eye on since a long time. Available at emax!


Be creative

Arrange for a pot luck meal with your single friends. Order for some good food from the restaurant giving away great value deals on Valentine’s Day or try out some amazing Roasted Chicken recipes or anything really that you have wanted to make. Make an occasion out of it and get friends to help out. Here are a few deals for those of you who, like me, can never make head or tails of the kitchen.

Ending this on a savoury note, live intentionally and you will accept and love yourself more for whatever is happening in your life and you will own your life instead of letting life go through you. Proactively make decisions and own your life. When you live with a purpose and you have goals to achieve, you will definitely have a clearer picture of how you want live your life. If your intention is to live a meaningful, positive and healthy life, you will make decisions that support this intention, and feel good about yourself when you succeed in this purpose. It is like a chain reaction soon it’ll start changing and taking you towards a positive and a beautiful direction. You will love yourself more if you see yourself accomplishing what you set out to do. Be confident. You are strong and you are beautiful. Fall in love and believe in its power. Happy Valentine’s Day!