Summer season demands an extra health care for one and all and the heat does not care if it is you or your infant. The unkind summer has everyone complaining about the soaring temperature and scorching heat, but babies? They cannot complain, but note that the season is as harsh to your infant as it is to you.

VoucherCodesUAE  is here to help. We are not only telling you how you can ensure good health for your baby this season, but we also put forward the best offers that’s there on the coupon site. Mothercare boasts a range of coupon codes this July along with Mumzworld.

So here we go.

Hydrate your baby

While you hydrate yourself with water, tons of it; hydrate your baby with milk. Babies get dehydrated easily during summers so replenish their body moisture with milk. Breastfeed them often or get a bottle of milk to keep them chugging, while you don’t forget to hydrate yourself.

Hydrate their skin

Try Mothercare baby lotion for an extra care your baby’s skin requires this season. Mothercare All We Know Baby Lotion has 26% off on site and As Soft As Baby Lotion, which is also formulated for mothers, has 27% off. These stand to be the best offers at the time and we will update if there’s more coming.

Dress your baby light

Common sense of course. Don’t pile clothes on your baby and definitely don’t take the baby out during the scorching hours of the sun. Play summer dress up with your baby and clad him/her in natural fabrics, preferably, cotton. The trick is to dress your baby in what you would be comfortable yourself. Mothercare baby clothes has almost 50% off and Mumzworld baby clothes have been restocked with new varieties.

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Fabric of the stroller

Your baby needs to be comfortable 24/7. When you’re taking your baby out and around during summer, ensure the stroller is lightweight and does not feature heat absorbing fabric. Opt for nylon strollers instead, Mothercare nylon strollers have a discount offer up to 25% off. Also note that strollers purchased in Europe and the US may not be suitable to the Middle East climate.

Avoid baby carriers

Carrying your baby on your back or front isn’t a good idea during summers. The constant body contact generates heat and will likely be very uncomfortable to you and your baby. Mothercare baby carrier has an irresistible offer going on right now, and the three-position baby carrier has 26% off. If you may, you get the carrier now, and use it during the fall or winters.

Keep an eye out for heat rash

Babies are quick to develop summer heat rash. It is uncomfortable and itchy and makes your child cry a lot. Avoid heat rashes by bathing your baby in lukewarm water using a mild soap. Use diapers that are less likely to cause rashes. Mothercare reusable diaper comes in handy for an easy frequent change and anti-rash wipes help soothe when changing diapers. If you spot a rash, don’t hesitate to treat it with natural and gentle anti-rash products.

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