With the lockdown easing, and the cases depleting, everyone can take a breath of relief, quite literally. Lockdown blues got all of us and now it’s time to bid a proper farewell. It’s time for a PARTY! A house party to be exact with the right house party essentials.

Did you miss your friends and family? Of course, you did. You sacrificed for their well being and now it’s time to celebrate. We hope you took care of your mental and physical health during this quarantine. Now, VoucherCodesUAE has the perfect house party essentials to help you host the best house party ever!

How to prepare for a house party?

party essentials

Planning a house party shouldn’t be taken lightly. Honestly, at the end of it your energy will be sucked out completely and your house, well, it will take time to go its original form. If you’re more of a quiet person, you can host a Tea party instead.

Fear not, house party essentials are not the only thing we are talking about today. We will give you some tips and ideas to fully prepare yourself before a house party!

1. Expensive things should be off the wall!

A small group of people is manageable but if you’re planning to have more than 10, you should take this advice seriously. Any breakable item, such as an expensive vase or crockery, not on display!

2. Clean the bathroom

Your sink and toilet are one thing, the guests will interact with. Make sure you keep it clean. It tells a lot about your personal hygiene as well. Keep disposable tissues and towels ready for use.

3. Comfortable seating

Make sure your guests have a common area, with enough furniture to relax. Beg-no! Borrow- may be, for your neighbors, and steal? Oh, definitely not!

Furniture is one of the basic house party essentials and can be used for future activities too! You can invest in Homzmart, a Lagos based furniture paradise.

4. Hide those bills!

If you’ve any bills lying around in the living room drawer, hide it somewhere personal! Your expenses are personal, and no one would like to know how much you paid for the food.

5. Housemates doors= locked

If you live alone, this is not a problem. Sharing your household with others can be an issue. Who wants a screaming tenant early in the morning after an awesome night of partying?

6. Party playlist

Good music is crucial to set the mood of the crowd. The whole ambiance is kept up and yes, hide the playlist as well. There is always one person in the party who loves to hijack the playlist.

House party essentials: what is needed for the party?

What is needed for a party?

Music, food, and loads of laughter! The perfect harmony of these three house party essentials can turn your party from good to best.

Safety first

House party essentials - hand sanitizer

Before anything, let’s remind ourselves, safety first. Have a small sanitizing station, near your door. You can DIY your sanitizer or buy it.

Yummy yum food

House party essentials - food

Delicious food is the most important house party essentials. First, get some finger foods around. Crisps, peanuts, or other salty snacks are always a hit! You can also keep candies on the list too.

After all the games and dancing, a proper full course meal is advised. You can get flavors from all around the world from Deliveroo to suit your guest palate. Get AED 10 off on your first 2 orders using the Deliveroo discount code “NEWDLVR1”.


House party essentials - speakers

We have already established how important music is as a house party essentials. Now, you need an output to showcase your awesome playlist.

If it’s a small group, you can get a Bluetooth speaker to do the work. If not, you can invest a heavy-duty speaker. Don’t worry, you can use it in future activities too. Who knows, you may want to transform your living room into your own personal movie theatre.

speakers set

Logitech 5.1 multi speaker

Price: AED 371.98

Buy it here.

You can use the Amazon discount code “AMAZON15” to get 15% off your order from Amazon.

Cleaning supplies

House party essentials - Cleaning supplies

It’s a guarantee, that after the party is over, your house will be in a mess! Get gloves, mops, sponges beforehand, and possibly in bulk. You can get good deals on disposable products at Noon. Along with that, use Noon coupon “NOONCOLLECT” to get AED 10 off your order.

Wash your tablecloth or other such items used by the guest with the right laundry essentials.

Vacuum cleaner

House party essentials - Vacuum cleaner

Having a vacuum cleaner can’t help you get done with the cleaning in very less time. Invest in the best vacuum cleaners in your budget for durability and efficiency.  Don’t forget to heat proof your house from summer as well!

Enjoy! Remember to have lots of fun and create lots of memories. After all, the lockdown taught us the value of the presence of loved ones.

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