Regardless of the season or year, the outdoors always provide a natural and unique appeal. The earth, the sky, the water, and other outdoor features promote calmness and refreshment during the summer days. To name a few, outdoor elements can be anything found on the outside and can be used to decorate your living space. For example; seashells, wood, pottery sands, rocks, and grass. If you are unable to find these elements, you can use their murals and pictures or browse them on the best UAE home decor brands which will leave you wanting more.

But, how do you make sure you enjoy nature while you are indoors?  VoucherCodesUAE is here to help incorporate elements that represent nature in with Home decors brands. Also, we get you the latest coupons and deals so you can save money and time with us!

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Cultivate a living plant space

Home Garden

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The tranquility of the lush garden can be easily translated into a home version. You can build your own plant space by setting up a variety of ceramic pots filled with your favorite plants from Plant Shop. Or you can just buy a slab of emerald green moss to create a quick accent wall. Whether you choose mosses, succulents, or herbs — it is a new step toward bringing greenery under your roof. Plants help you breathe easier, focus better, and simply be happier when in a room full of nature.

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Add Earthy textures to your home decor

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For a space that is reminiscent of outdoor beauty, find fabrics and home decor pieces that mimic natural earthy colors and patterns. Choose a few comfortable floor throwings from Home Box that resemble ground coverings in a forest. Even jute mats are a soft nod to the sunny days outdoor. Add in an aesthetic pendant lamp for a unique statement that feels organic. 

Fit in other natural items

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If you are looking beyond green leafy vines and foliage, but looking for something fun; try things like crystals and gemstones, dried plant extracts, pine, and seashells to breathe life into your area. Natural items also reduce pollution, improving the carbon footprint. 

Utilize wooden pieces

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One of the great things about accepting this practice is that it does not take much to re-create it. A wood slab coffee table or a wooden countertop is a beautiful, yet refined way to embrace outdoor things in your home decor. Wooden products within a room tend to improve indoor air quality by moderating humidity. Natural wood absorbs and stores atmospheric CO2 and it is carbon neutral. 

Experiment with greens and tropics in your bathroom

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If you are thinking of adding more outdoor trends to your home, try transforming a particular room. Your bathroom is an easy way to explore new styles without having to deal with a basic bedroom or living room. Showcase plants over the sink and decorate with tropical print background frames. Even soothing art that depicts blue or pink sea sand can echo the bold tones of nature.

Bring in fresh flowers to add to your home decor

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Use fresh flowers to express your sense of style. New and fresh flowers are always a great way to invoke the spirit of outdoor life. Get beautiful flowers delivered to your doorstep with ‘The Flower Shop‘. So it’s not only that flowers look fresh but, they actually freshen the air as well!

Natural flooring for a natural look

Natural Look

Go with natural flooring instead of human-made. Some natural flooring options that set an inviting and warm atmosphere include; bamboo, cork, and wood.

Natural fibers, patterns, and textures


Make sure to utilize natural fibers, patterns, and textures. Fibers such as hemp, jute, and rattan are quality materials that are inspired by nature. Therefore, you can go for these materials when making your furniture for your living space. Home decors with jute patterns and textures for cushions, lampshades, rugs, and baskets also add an outdoor feel to any living space.

Add an artwork

Living Space

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It may not be possible to include certain watery outdoor elements in your living space. However, you can add artwork on your wall that represents an external element that brings in the outdoor vibe. You can add a painting of an ocean or a painting of a flower garden.

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