In a world of fast fashion, how do we become sustainable? The question haunts us one too many times but looks like the Swedish fashion brand has an answer to that.

In 2013, when sustainability was not a burning topic as it is today, H&M partnered with I: Collect, a Swiss reuse and recycling company that operates in over 60 countries. The brand started collecting garments from its customers in order to recycle the fabrics. The clothes are shredded and sold to the textile company that makes brand new products out of them. While this has been going for quite some time, not many are aware of this facility. VoucherCodesUAE tells you about this facility in this article. Also, get to know about the various coupon codes and discounts for H&M. Let’s begin! 

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H&M Conscious (Picture credit: The Studio)

H&M Conscious (Picture credit: The Studio)

How to be sustainable with H&M?

The garment collection program

Following the three mantras of rewear, reuse, and recycle, the clothes you giveaway are examined to fill the category. All you have to do is drop your bag of unwanted clothing in the recycling box at a local store. It is not necessary for the items to be that of H&M, you can give off any brand for recycling. These clothes are then sent to the nearest textile plant to be sorted. What will you get? Besides a sustainable future, you get an H&M voucher for your next purchase.

Restore collection

The H&M Group, recently partnered with The Renewal Workshop, to remedy damaged and unsold clothes. The program repairs the items and brings them back to the market through its brand Collection Of Style (COS), which first launched in 2007.

Conscious exclusive collection

For the past decade, the brand has been running an exclusive Conscious collection program twice a year. In this program, the brand looks out for designers and scientists to introduce sustainable materials for their Conscious collection. This year, as recently as September, the brand launched a 36-piece collection, that included recycled brass and zinc, and Tencel. The collection was named Tencel X Refibra. The line-up was made of reconstituted factory waste cotton that was mixed with wood pulp before it was remade into a brand new Tencel fiber. The ruffle sleeves and ornate collars serve as a reminder of the bygone era-inspired pieces and are worthy of high fashion today.

H&M fashion Conscious Collection VoucherCodesUAE

H&M fashion Conscious Collection (Picture credit: H&m)

No sourcing leather from Brazil

Following the aftermath of the terrible Amazon fires, H&M was one of the first leading brands to announce that it would stop sourcing leather from Brazil.  H&M released a statement saying; “Due to the severe fires in the Brazilian part of the Amazon rainforest, and the connections to cattle production, we have decided to place a temporary ban on leather from Brazil… The ban will be active until there are credible assurance systems in place to verify that the leather does not contribute to environmental harm in the Amazon.”

All the details

When you purchase from H&M, you get all the details of your clothing item. The brand states supplier information, materials used, the place where the garment was produced, the supplier name, and information about the factory it was made in.

Pledge to transition to 100% sustainable cotton

In the 2018 annual report, the fashion brand had pledged to transition into 100% sustainable cotton by 2020. The retailer had reached 95% sustainable supply in 2018. However, this goal is just a part of a bigger plan to covert to 100% sustainable materials across all its supply by 2030.

Partner with the Clean Energy Investment Accelerator (CEIA)

In September, the Stockholm-based brand tied up with CEIA in Indonesia, with an aim to transform themselves into renewable energy users. CEIA supports Indonesia’s target of having an environment-friendly energy mix by 2025. As H&M wants to use 100 percent clean energy by 2030, Indonesia is a good place to start since only two out of 85 units use solar power.

The Global Change Award

Dubbed to be the ‘Nobel Prize of Fashion,’ the Global Change Award was initiated in 2015 by H&M Foundation, in collaboration with Accenture and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. By its fourth edition, the program had received over 14,000 entries from 182 countries. You can now check the 2022 winners of the Global Change Award here.

Sustainable online delivery with H&M

Early in September, the brand partnered with a Finnish packing firm, RePack, to make its online shopping experience sustainable. This means the brand will be using reusable delivery pouches that will be reused again and again. Those who return the packaging of the product by dropping it in a local store will be rewarded.

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