When you think about H&M, you think fast fashion and all the cute outfits, but it is time to expand what the brand means to you. H&M Home section has taken the world by storm and it has outdone itself with a plethora of decorative and necessary items. Don’t believe me? Check out the store and see it for yourself.

If you are planning to revamp your home décor for the summer, H&M Home is a go-to place, and here’s why.

H&M Home – why do we love it?

The aesthetics

Minimalist and oh-so-pretty items are curated for the ‘Summer Dream’ collection. The tasseled linen-blend blanket as well as the wool-blend blanket is a lightweight summer blanket you can snuggle in or enjoy a movie marathon without overheating yourself. The beige linen blend blanket is a neutral choice for your room, and it looks good no matter the prints and designs on your wall and ceilings.

The conscious collection

You keep hearing about sustainable fashion and lifestyle, but what are the brands doing to help sustain that idea? If you ask H&M, they will tell you that 50% of their Home Collection, be it bed-linen, rugs or cushions are made of recycled and organic materials. Tencel is the fiber they use to produce the material and what comes out of a design is as stunning as anything you’d find in any luxe brands. By the way, Tencel is way better than cotton, it is smoother than silk and softer than cotton, even when it comes to durability.

Bed linen and duvet

The pastel undertones of bed linens and duvets is so trendy and fabulous while the material remains to be a sustainable one. No wonder H&M’s duvet is a cult-favorite at the moment, because the light pastel hues of blue, green, beige and lilac immediately give the feeling of peace, calm and serenity.


The plain velvet cushions steals the show in a world full of overdone cushions. Sometimes all your bed needs is a pretty little counterpart that compliments its aesthetics. H&M’s cotton velvet cushions in exactly that, coming in hues of grey, teal, navy and lilac. It is also available with a lot of tassels, just so you need to jazz up your space and give a little extra edge.

Jute rug

To make your home get the vacation vibe during summer, a statement rug is all you need. Balancing a perfect indoor and outdoor experience, a right rug can set the mood right for a summer gathering. H&M’s dark beige jute rug is perfect for a summer soiree with your friends and family.

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Outdoor Kitchen collection (H&M)

Outdoor summer space

It’s hard to think about going outdoors in the sweltering heat of Dubai summers, but that does not mean your garden space does not deserve to look pretty. H&M’s outdoor summer collection features a stoneware vase, ideal to be kept out in the sun. Braided straw baskets look best in the garden where you can store barbecue equipment or anything store-worthy, while maintaining the rustic charm.

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