Trick or treat time calls for quick decision making and if you still haven’t sorted your kids Halloween costume then you are in a world of trouble.

Not going to blame you, but hunting for Halloween costume is a seriously underrated challenge for any parent. Scurrying through deals online, rummaging through stores, only to be here, on October 30, panicking about tomorrow’s special day your kids are way excited about.

Forget vintage stores when H&M has the finest Halloween picks for your kids. VouherCodesUAE is also delivering Reward Vouchers for you to redeem more savings.

Here are the best Halloween costumes for kids and if you think it is perfect you can use H&M code: DHMD18 to get 15% off.


Halloween H&M VoucherCodesUAE

This is for your little ballerina who does not mind dancing around when all eyes are on her. The light pink jersey dress featuring a glittering tulle skirt is an ideal Halloween dress that does not scream attention, but gently shows how beautiful it is to play dress-up. The dress can be paired with headbands, wings, a wand, a crown, you name it! The bow at the back is a show stealer for this simple dress, perfect for your little princess.

DHS: 85



Onesies are loved, but a velour onsie is the coziest thing to buy in October. If the onsie is an animal then be assured how deeply your baby will love it. H&M has a collection of these, channeling a bunny and a bear. Complete with long sleeves and a hood, the perking ears and a long tail makes this costume so adorable

DHS: 99


Halloween VoucherCodesUAE H&M

Super Mario has been a traditional costume for Halloween since ages. Highly likely you already know who has donned the plumber look. Your kids may be into advanced virtual online gaming business, but they definitely need to know Mario. An integral part of your childhood can now be your kids’. H&M’s all-in-one Mario suit is an easy fancy dress, with no accessories needed.

DHS: 129


Halloween VoucherCodesUAE H&M

A bad pirate often makes for a good kid. If your child is a fan of Captain Jack Sparrow, then here is the chance to let your kid have fun in the pirate outfit. Complimentary with accessories including an eye patch and a headscarf, a blue pirate top features a sword and a belt print. Minimal, and yet fancy, disclaimer, this costume can bring out the pirate in your child.

DHS: 79

Good cop

Halloween VoucherCodesUAE H&M

In a game of good cop and a bad cop, pirate can be the latter and good cop can be the actual cop. H&M’s police uniform is a print play, with a tie, a badge, handcuffs, and a walkie-talkie. Accessory include a cop cap, boldly stating Police Department. Get your child a badge accessory and let him/her play the cop part.

DHS: 79


Halloween VoucherCodesUAE H&M

All superheroes wear cape on Halloween. Choose from the line-up of H&M’s superhero costume to dress your child up either as a superman, batman, Darth Vader, and more. We know, not all superheroes wear capes, so that’s why there are Hulk options, Ghostbuster costumes and much more.

DHS: starting from 149

Princess cape

Halloween VoucherCodesUAE H&M

Even princesses wear capes, with an added bonus of a crown. The adorable sparkling cape in light pink stamped with golden stars is a dreamy outer layer for your little princess. The hood boasts a mini crown, enough to hype your little one up. The cape can be paired with any dress for an ethereal impact.

DHS: 79

Superhero gloves

Halloween VoucherCodesUAE H&M

If going overboard isn’t your scene this Halloween, then just shoot for the accessories such as gloves. Subtle but yet loud, gloves are statement worthy and not something you wear through the year. Hence, gloves make you feel a little special. No matter what outfit your kid is donning, you can add a twist and an oomph with superhero gloves, courtesy H&M.

DHS: 79