The right high heel shoes can change a girl’s life. Don’t believe me? Ask Cinderella.

Can we first agree that walking in high heels should be an Olympic event? The confidence and aura a girl has when she puts her high heel shoes on is magnificent. Flattering and leveling up any look and sprinkling a touch of elegance and class. No wonder, they have been around since the tenth century, helping girls sway with grace.

Today, we will give a daily dose of confidence to add to your wardrobe. We will help you to choose the right high heel shoes, get the best offers and then, slay!

10 ways to choose the right high heel shoes

Comfortable high heels shoes

Choosing the right shoes is extremely important. Ill-fitting shoes will hamper you physically, there are negative effects of uncomfortable high heels shoes on your body. Fear not!

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1. Broad Heels = More Stability

Stilettos are not the only high heels shoes out there. Those models out there wearing Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin may tempt you to copy them. However, in a workplace, where you can afford to slip off, literally, and hurt your Achilles tendon, you can opt for shoes with broader heels for better stability. Go for low heel wedge, block heel, or chunky ones and match them with your dress. Here are our picks.

Espadrille Black Wedges

High heel shoes

Price: AED 218.

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Chunky Platform Heels

High heel shoes chunky shoes

Price: AED 204

Imitation Suede Sandals

High heels shoes - Imitation Suede Sandals


Price: AED 60

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2. Not Too High!

Sorry to say but too much heel height can make you feel uncomfortable. But you can definitely choose this type of footwear with heels up to 3 inches (7.6 cm). Kitten heels are a good option for that.

Schutz K

High heel shoes - Schutz Kitten Heel Pumps


Price: AED 557

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Hear me out. You can beat that system too! You can buy heels with platforms to raise the height and still be comfortable.

Casadei Classic Platform Pumps

High heel shoes - Casadei Classic Platform Pumps


Price: AED 2866

3. Less Pointy, Less Pain

Pointy high heel shoes may look polished or attractive but the truth is they scrunch up your toes together and cause pain. You can opt for less pointy high heel shoes such as almond, peep toes, or round toe shapes. This pair of women’s pumps are a good choice from the women’s shoe section.

Textured Round Toe Cone with Slip-On Closure

Textured Round Toe Cone with Slip-On Closure


Price: AED 65

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4. Get Your Boot, Boots!

High-heeled boots are more centered and can help you keep your balance easily. They can be your “I feel pretty and I don’t need anyone when I wear these boots” boots. We all have one. Thigh-high boots or even knee-high may be a no for summers but who can say no to these? Get these boots on vogacloset. 

Curve ‘Em Patent Faux Leather Heeled Boots

Curve 'Em Patent Faux Leather Heeled Boots


Price: AED 298

Lace-Up Stiletto Boots

Lace Up Stiletto Boots


Price: AED 164

5. Shoes with platforms are amazing

This type of shoe is probably the most comfortable heel out there. These give you height, support, and are very easy to manage. This shoe style would definitely match the bohemian feel of your outfit. Let’s not forget these ankle strap heels provide comfort for your feet too!

Wrap Up Espadrille Wedges

High heel shoes - Wrap Up Espadrille Wedges


Price: AED 130

High Wedges

High heel shoes - High Wedges


Price: AED 130

6. Let’s Fasten You Up

The heels slipping off as you walk, ugh, the worst feeling in the world. Tie on these heels to yourself and show them where they belong. These strappy heels sandals would be a perfect match for your summer dress.

Cross Strap Stilettos

High heel shoes - Cross Strap Stilettos

VogaclosetPrice: AED 109

7. No One Can Say No to Stilettos

When it comes to women’s heels, nothing can make a woman feels as stylish as wearing a stiletto heel. they are hard to manage but they look amazing! These sexy heels with an ankle strap are like royalty among high heel shoes. Fair warning, if you wear it for a long period of time, it has a negative impact on your body.

Nicholas Kirkwood S

High heel shoes - Nicholas Kirkwood S pumps


Price: AED 1585

8. Leather, Why?

All the high heel shoe lovers know that love can be painful and in this case, we have the blisters. Any shoes are stiffened to keep their shape. Genuine leather shoes on the other hand gradually take up the shape of your foot.

Women’s Karen Millen Ella High Leather Peeptoe Shoes in Black

High heel shoes


Price: AED 318

9. Sparkles are Magical

You can’t tell me that you don’t love sparkles or rhinestones. Did you not love Dorothy’s little red sparkling pumps in Wizard of Oz? We are here to show you the same magic. Get these with kitten heels to go with your evening dress!

Pointed Toe Glitter High Heel Mules

High heel shoes

Styli shop

Price: AED 120

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Embellished Clear High Heel Pumps

High heel shoes

Styli shop

Price: AED 120

10. Blisters? Oh-No!

Your heel may not have much support. It’s a shame to put those pretty kicks out, but hey, we have a solution.

Heel Grips Pads Liner

Heel padding - Heel Grips Pads Liner


Price: AED 34.78

Dr. Scholl’s Stylish Step Ball of Foot Cushions for High Heels

High heel shoes


Price: AED 23.21

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We hope you like the amazing high heel shoe collection, but after a long day rest with the most comfortable and top-rated slippers.