Healthy skin is a sign of a healthy mind and body. Our skin is most exposed to dust, oil, and pollution throughout the day. These dirt particles get caught in your skin causing pore blockages which in turn cause rashes and irritation. One of the most effective ways to aid this problem is by following a herbal skincare routine every day.

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Why should you include herbal skincare in your routine?

herbal skin care

The main motive of skincare is to deeply cleanse the skin and reduce skin damages. Regular exfoliation particularly helps rejuvenate old skin cells and assists the growth of newer ones. When compared with regular skincare items, herbal skincare products do have certain advantages.

1. Little to no side-effects

Herbal skincare products provide the skin with much-needed nutrients and enhance your natural beauty with almost no side effects. Preferred over synthetic skincare because of

  • Its natural and plant-synthesized composition.
  • Ingredients derived from plants that are grown organically without pesticides or fertilizers so that they do not cause any side effects on your skin.

2. Eco-friendly

One of the most important reasons why herbal skincare products must be used is because they are eco-friendly. This means that you no longer need to worry about your beauty products affecting the planet’s beauty!

  • The only method for producing herbal products is by organic farming. This type of farming causes little to no harm to wildlife and the environment.
  • It minimizes the use of fertilizers and pesticides while reducing soil pollution to a great extent.
  • Moreover, the herbs are grown by experts. This way herbal skincare becomes a safe, eco-friendly, and skin-friendly method of skincare.

3. Cruelty-free option

Most of the herbal products are plant-synthesized, they do not contain any ingredient that involves harm to any animal. Vegan skincare has gained a lot of momentum in this generation that even famous fashion moguls like Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande have resorted to cruelty-free products.

For all the vegan ladies and gents out there who feel the need to use cruelty-free skincare products that are super friendly to their skin, you can check Glamzale. This brand produces a range of the best herbal skincare products that are 100% cruelty-free for both animals and your skin.

4. Skin-friendly

Herbal products have an ancient origin used long before synthetic ingredients were discovered. Dermatologically tested, these products are the safest and most dependable in the world of cosmetics.

  • They do not contain any artificial fillers or irritants so they are highly recommended for those with extra sensitive skin.
  • Did you know that synthetic skincare products contain a very high percentage of toxins that have several side effects on your skin? Natural skin care products contain very little to no toxins.
  • They contain 95% active ingredients that make your skin glow and enhance your natural beauty to the extremes.

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Best Herbal Skincare Products You definitely try out

VoucherCodesUAE brings you a list of the best herbal skin care products that you can use to make your skin look even-toned, healthy, and flawless.

FarmHouse Body Polish

Herbal skincare product

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Take a day off and treat your skin to this stress-relieving and gentle body cleanser from Glamazle. It perfectly exfoliates your skin with the help of sugar grains and apricot seed powder. The creamy, whipped texture nourishes the skin with essential oils and vitamins.

The farmhouse fresh sweet tea shea body polish is scented like Southern peach, ginger, orchid, and white tea that leaves your skin with a fresh and soft feeling. With shea butter as one of its components, it assures that the vitamins penetrate quickly to the top layers of the skin bringing out a beautiful and natural glow.

Its fragrance is so appealing that you might as well be tempted to take a sip of this natural product!

Current Price: AED 169

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Too Faced Pillow Cream

best herbal skin care products

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Night-time is the best time to moisturize and hydrate as your skin remains undisturbed. With the too-faced hangover pillow cream on Sephora, you can not only hydrate but also renew and replenish your skin with moisture overnight.

The ingredients that make up this cream are totally cruelty-free! It contains nourishing agents like coconut water, avocado oil, vitamin B, and renewing agents like hyaluronic acid that lock moisture in the skin and prevents dehydration. Moreover, it contains a blend of minerals derived from real falling stars themselves! No wonder it fulfills all the radiant skin wishes of its users!

Current Price: SAR 220

Aesop Anti-oxidant Serum

best herbal skin care brands

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Furnished with the right anti-oxidants this Aesop anti-oxidant serum helps your skin fight skin aggressors and irritants that give rise to acne problems. It contains active extracts like parsley seeds and grape seeds that help nourish and shield your skin.

It contains lavender oil that smells amazing, lightens skin tone, and prevents acne by destroying bacterial cells. You can take a few drops on your palm and massage them gently into your skin with upward strokes. Cruelty-free, this product is available on CultBeauty.

Current Price: 55 pounds (AED 266.23)

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Youth To The People Anti-oxidant Cleanser

herbal skin care routine

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A perfect beauty routine begins with a perfect make-up remover. Different chemicals used in synthetic makeup removers can cause unusual rashes and redness of your skin. With this superfood anti-oxidant cleanser there is no need to worry about that.

A combination of kale, spinach, and green tea deeply cleanses the skin and prevents makeup from getting clogged in pores. While working on the cleansing function, this product also balances the pH of your skin to maintain that radiant glow.100% cruelty-free, this product is herbal and not tested on animals.

Current Price: AED 175

Too Faced Deep Cleanser

best herbal skin care products in uae

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Wash away the late nights with the help of too faced hangover deep cleanser. Party nights might be fun but the morning after the party results in equally dull skin. A blend of lime peel and apple extracts that helps your skin recover from the night before.

This ginger root-containing pore purifying formula draws out all the oil or make-up from the night before in case your sleep was more dear to you than removing makeup that night. Hyaluronic acid helps re-balance and hydrate your skin. To lift your mood, its aromatherapy eases your mind and relaxes you before you head to the kitchen for a cup of after-party coffee.

Current Price: SAR 126

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Bioxidea Face Mask

herbal skin care

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Skincare is incomplete without a herbal face mask. The Bioxidea face mask comes with an advanced restorative system. Its active ingredients tighten pores and boost your natural radiance. This product is ultra-hydrating and rejuvenating to your skin, especially in warmer months.

You can now get that spa glow within 15 minutes! All you need to do is spread this mask on your face and peel it off. Extremely skin-friendly, this brand was founded by a herbologist. How much more surety would one need?

Current Price: AED 100

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Fenty Beauty Lip Balm

Natural skincare products Buy Now


Want those luscious and full lips like Rihanna? Pro Kiss’r Luscious Lip Balm comes from her brand itself! This lip balm is super creamy, smooth, and easily glides over your lips to give a smooth finish. It contains shea and mango seed butter that nourishes your lips to prevent them from getting chapped. 

The non-sticky formula of the lip balm gives an ‘invisipink’ shade and shine to your lips while its vanilla scent makes it all the more special. Sync your lip care routine with Queen Rihanna herself with the help of this product!

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Treat wrinkles, dark spots, acne, and many other skin problems in the safest and most environmentally friendly manner. Give the skin the love it deserves with a budget you decode. 

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