Eating healthy often means that you have to cook at home and pack your lunch to work. It’s a good habit that serves your well being but is it good for the planet? If you pack your food using even a tiny bit of disposable plastic, it is not.

The ongoing plastic crisis

While plastic has many uses, we have become addicted to single-use or disposable plastic and this comes with serious environmental ramifications. It has polluted the earth and is severely affecting the oceans and marine. We are slowly turning our oceans into the plastic soup as more than 8 million tonnes of plastic wastes is dumped into them every year.

A change that will benefit the world

Small positive choices in food, sleep, and exercise makes a huge impact on our bodies and keeps it fit. The same can be applied to the earth, as every little contribution from you matters. So in 2020, let’s eat healthy to keep fit, and at the same time, let us also be mindful of how much plastic we use, especially when it comes to food products. Stop using disposable ziplock bags to pack your snacks, carry your water bottle from home and ditch the smoothies that are filled with sugar and plastic straws.

Top products to help you eat healthily and reduce your environmental footprint:

VoucherCodesUAE brings for you the best products that are reusable like grocery bags, containers, and also some new innovative items like reusable baggies and flexible plastic lids. You can get all of these items with discounts going up to 30% from,

Borosilicate glass containers with airtight lids

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The containers are made of borosilicate glass and are very sturdy and have fewer chances of breaking. You can prep your healthy meals in advance and store them in this container. You can still enjoy all the flavors of the meal a few days later as the containers are 100% airtight and leakproof. It is easy to clean and you’ll never have to fuss about removing rubber seals. It is ideal for serving and storing and is also safe for microwave cooking. Moreover, these containers are BPA-free! Get this 3 piece-container set of just AED:45 with a 70% off on

Reusable storage bags – 6 pack BPA free freezer bag

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The bags have no environmentally harmful color additives and the transparent design allows for a quick glance at contents inside. You can reuse this sandwich bag hundreds of times, making it the perfect solution for reducing the waste of plastic bags. Your storage bags will be made of food-grade & eco-friendly PEVA material. It is environmentally friendly, healthy, and safe as it will leave no environmental footprint when disposed of. You can store and preserve your snacks for the office perfectly in these bags. The bags have an upgraded zip lock system that makes them waterproof, leak-proof, and hygienic. You can get a pack of 6 bags at at AED:33.

Food huggers reusable silicone avocado savers

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Ditch that plastic when you looking to store and preserve an avocado in your fridge. These food huggers will do the job perfectly and there is no avocado in this world that won’t fit. Moreover, these huggers come with a pit pocket that can be pushed in or out. So, now you never need to worry about de-pitting an avocado while you preserve it. You can get this food hugger at just AED: 29.72 from

Reusable mesh produce bags

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The amount of plastic bags we use while shopping causes more damage than you can fathom. It is much more eco-friendly to use reusable shopping bags such as these that come with a double rope design instead of metal buckles. This makes it easy to clean in washing machines and also reduces non-degradable metal wastes. The bags are made of 100% organic cotton and are perfect for carrying vegetables, fruits, and groceries. It is also double stitched on both sides to give more durability and longevity. You can get a set of 9 reusable mesh bags on at only AED:74.99.

Stretch silicone covers

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An open container in the fridge is a recipe for spoilt food so we often use cellophane papers and so on to cover it. This is not very sustainable so try using these silicone stretch lids instead. These lids save you the hassle of repeatedly buying plastic food wrappers and will fit food bowls of any size. The lid covers are also suitable for use in the microwave and can be put through the dishwasher. You can get a set of 12 stretchable lids from Techvida to cover your food and keep it fresh at only AED:44.98 on

Sipper water bottle

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We drink water everywhere we go, so it is very important to have a bottle that we can take anywhere. This is much sustainable than buying water in those use-and-throw bottles. Nalgene Sipper is a leak-proof bike/fitness/sports bottle that you can take anywhere. A Lexan mud cap keeps the drinking spout clean and the bottleneck is the same size as standard Nalgene wide-mouth bottles so you can screw on water purifiers or use a standard Nalgene lid. Get this bottle at only AED: 128 with a 10% off on

Reusable silver drinking straws:

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The plastic drinking straws are on the way out but its paper replacements bend and disintegrate pretty fast. You can avoid the issue altogether with these reusable silver drinking straws that come in different shapes and sizes for every beverage need. They will go well in bars, parties, or just for normal use at home. You also get a splinter within the set to clean the straws to keep things neat. Get this set of Generic 8 piece reusable drinking straws from at just AED: 34.60 with a 10% off on