“It takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow.”

Let’s remember this as we’re going through these testing times. A rainbow, in the simplest of terms, is an arc of different colors formed in the sky that appears when the sun shines through falling rain. More significantly, rainbows are often seen after a rainstorm when the sun breaks through the clouds. We could take a very powerful and important message from this. The good times will surely follow the hard ones. On a lighter note, celebrated every year on April 3 is ‘Find a Rainbow Day’— a day dedicated to hopes and promises. VoucherCodesUAE presents to you Find A Rainbow Day 2020 and how you could make this day an interesting one.

Find a Rainbow Day

Finding Rainbow VoucherCodesUAE

While the origins of the creators of this day are not known, Find a Rainbow Day is celebrated every year on April 3. What people do on Find A Rainbow Day is find a rainbow in nearby places and post the exact location. Besides limiting themselves to the sky to find a real rainbow, they also try finding rainbow colors anywhere at all. This day is celebrated in early spring because this is the time when rainbows are most prevalent. The chances of seeing one appear in the sky are pretty good, especially after a rainfall.

Seeing a colorful rainbow can add more colors to your day. Especially at a time like this, one could use more colors in their life. Let us celebrate Find a Rainbow Day this year in the hope of having a better world free of all kinds of negativity and also the promise of a brand new day and brand new ways to be grateful for all that we have in life.

Celebrate your own Rainbow Day indoors

Find a Rainbow Day VoucherCodesUAE

Rainbow made with a prism

Since it might not be possible to go out hunting for a real rainbow or even rainbow colors this year, how about creating your own rainbow inside the house? There are several ways to create your own rainbow at home. The easiest and most convenient way would be using a basic prism, also called a refractive prism. All you need to do is put the prism by a high-intensity light source allowing light to pass through it. As the light passes through, it will bend, splitting into different colors. Voila! There’s your own rainbow.

Why celebrate rainbows?

Rainbow Day VoucherCodesUAE

Celebrating Rainbow Day, Instagram

Rainbows are colorful rays of light up in the sky. They represent rays of hope. Rainbows also signify peace and serenity. These are the two emotions that are often evoked while looking at a rainbow. They are no doubt a joyful treat to the eyes and mind and it’s hard not to feel special energy at the sight of a rainbow. No matter what we’re in the middle of, we always stop on our tracks to catch even a glimpse of this beautiful illusion. Yes, an illusion. Rainbows are optical illusions, similar to a mirage— an effect that is visible but cannot be touched/approached. Still, it sure is one of nature’s most beautiful phenomena.

Did you know?

Find a Rainbow VoucherCodesUAE

A Full Rainbow, Pinterest

  • Aristotle, the Greek scholar was obsessed with rainbows. Obsessed to the extent that he devoted a lot to rainbows in his Meteorology, Book III.
  • Rainbows can exist even at night. When light from the moon disperses through water droplets, the result is known as a moonbow which is a rainbow at night. Since moonlight is fainter than sunlight, the bow may seem white, but through long exposure cameras, you will be able to see the full array of colors.
  • The best time to catch a glimpse of a rainbow in the morning and evening after a storm.
  • When we think of a rainbow, we think of it in an arch. But rainbows can be full circles. Surprised much? Yes, you read that right. The horizon cuts the full circle of a rainbow in half. If you can do away with the horizon, you can see the rainbow’s full circumference— from an airplane or while skydiving.

You see now why Aristotle was so obsessed with this beautiful phenomenon of nature?

How to celebrate Rainbow Day

Rainbow Fruit Salad VoucherCodesUAE

Rainbow Fruit Salad, Pinterest

We know that there are 7 colors in a rainbow— Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. In respect to these seven colors of the rainbow, we’ve picked out seven ways you could celebrate this day:
• Wear rainbow-colored/printed clothes on this day.
• Draw/Paint the most beautiful rainbow you can.
• Make a rainbow dish— prepare something using fruits and vegetables in the colors of the rainbow for yourself and your family. Or order online from Uber Eats.
• Organize an Indoor Treasure Hunt— to find things with rainbow colors.
• Take pictures with/of the rainbow you created with the prism. You could also take pictures and selfies using rainbow filters.
• Participate in the rainbow campaign, including the one on VoucherCodesUAE’s Instagram page.
• This day is all about colors and more colors! DIY projects, crafts, stitching, and sewing— make it as colorful as you can.

Also, celebrate this day to embrace the hardships of life. Like they say, if you wanna see a rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain. Here’s wishing you a Happy Rainbow Day and many rainbow moments in life!