Expo 2020 is set to be the grandest event of mankind. Over 20 million visitors are expected from 180 countries across the world. What awaits you at the grandest celebration of “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future” through sustainability, mobility, and opportunity. This Expo 2020 guide will provide you with all that you need to know about it and answer your most asked questions!

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When is the Expo 2020 Opening day?

Dubai expo 2020 guide

The opening date for Expo 2020 has been confirmed as 1st October 2021 which falls on a Friday. This will be followed by an official launch ceremony that evening, after which guests can explore all of the world-class pavilions and attractions at their own pace until 31st March 2022 when it closes its doors once again.

Where to buy Expo 2020 tickets?

expo 2020 guide

Looking to book yourself Dubai Expo 2020 tickets? TicketsToDo is your place to be, with the right information and insider tips for you to have the best experience in the event. Visit and know about the remarkable attractions and exhibits that are worth seeing at Expo 2020 guide. 

The types of tickets available with TicketsToDo are:

  1. 1-Day pass: for one day
  2. Multi-day pass: access for 30 days
  3. Season pass: access for 6 months

You can select the dates and attractions that suit your schedule the best! Just show the e-tickets or the printed version at the entry and enjoy the event! 

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FAQs about Expo Tickets

Do children have free passes at Expo?

Expo Child Pass – Free! Children 0 to 12 years old accompanied by adults do not need a ticket but will be required to register at the gate using the name, address & nationality details. 

What is an expo pass?

An Expo Pass gives you access to all entertainment zones during your visit. It also allows access into the event site itself which includes Main Gate Entrance, UAE Pavilion drop off point, car parking areas within close proximity of main gates, family zone/expo village adjacent to the main gate entrance, and SEA park

What should I pack for visiting Expo 2020?

What should you pack?

Here’s our Expo 2020 guide on what you must bring:

Sunscreen/Sunblock – Again you need protection against burning to your skin when out in strong sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Be sure to choose one that has a high SPF rating too (at least 30+).

Ear Plugs:  It’s loud at Expo, there are lots of music events and shows. If you want to block off the crowd and the loud music which may not be of your taste, pack some soft earplugs.

Sunglasses & Hat – The expo is held in the heart of Dubai, so it is bound to be very sunny. A hat or cap should also be worn to protect yourself from the sun’s rays too!

Camera – Expo is such a unique experience and you’ll want to capture it all.

Portable Charger or External Battery Pack – Expo 2020 will be one of the most photographed events in history so why not take advantage of that by capturing as much content for your followers? Be sure to bring a portable charger with you too just in case!

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What are some Expo 2020 highlights that you should definitely see?

Expo 2020 Pavilion

There’s a whole host of things to keep you busy at Expo2020, here are our picks for the most popular attractions:

The Food Court

This is an area where many food stalls have been set up in what looks like part of one giant restaurant! You can purchase traditional cuisine from around the world and also try new dishes including vegan options too. It will be located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road directly opposite Deira Islands Park so it’s worth taking time out during your visit just to eat there! Apart from anything else, don forget it’s free entry!

Expo 2020 Ice Rink

This is the biggest ice rink in the Middle East and will be open to both Expo visitors but also Dubai residents. It’s located at Expo Avenue next to Al Wasl Park so again it’s worth putting on your list of things to do!

Home to nine Pavilions

The Expo site is home to nine pavilions from different nations that have come together in a united effort. Each has been designed by one of the participating countries and provides visitors with information, facts, and figures about that nation’s economy as well as various opportunities for trade too!

UAE Pavilion (Designed by Foster + Partners)

 It offers an inside look into how this country lives today through architecture, traditional houses, gardens & more. Visitors can also experience local culture first hand via interactive sessions which allow them to try on traditional clothes and take part in some dance classes too!

FAQs about Dubai Expo 2020

1. How long does it take me on public transport to Expo 2020?

Expo 2020 is only 15-20 minutes away from Dubai Mall by bus. It’s also within walking distance of most hotels in the area too so it’s well worth checking out how close you are!

2. What should I wear to Expo2020 during Ramadan?

The best advice is to stick with light, comfortable clothing that won’t make you feel hot or irritable when fasting.

3. What is the purpose of Dubai Expo 2020?

The main purpose of Expo 2020 is to explore new frontiers and build a better future for everyone. Pushing the message forward for every guest with the three subthemes: Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability.