Stylish Suiting in Latest Fashion at Burberry

While you are sitting in UAE, Burberry sale is on in the USA! And we have the solution right here! For those of you who are looking for delivery options while shopping online from other countries, we bring glad tidings! Most online shoppers have at some point in time faced the dilemma of paying insane amounts of international delivery.

So just go to the Burberry website. Check out their amazing coats and jackets! To make you all drool the above picture is from the coats section on their website.burberry 1

Shop and Ship

Go right on and start shopping. But before that get the membership from Shop and Ship, which is currently available in over 52 destinations around the world, so it is no surprise that thousands of shoppers around the globe are Shop and Ship lifetime members. It really is just a few clicks and then a lifetime of hassle free options to help you shop globally.

Shop and Ship

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Shop and ship

Shop and Ship works smart. Once a customer buys Shop and Ship’s lifetime membership, they get 15 personalized shipping addresses. These include:

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  15. Singapore

When shopping from USA, you will use the New York address. This way you decide which continent you want to shop from. Be it Paris (enviable fashion), USA (most economical promotions and most desired brands) or the classiness from UK. You can shop online and pay local delivery charges. Shop and Ship will collect the products from their warehouse, and then deliver to your doorstep. They offer multiple facilities to their customers like online shopping facility, free shipping, money back guarantee, full return’s and refunds. The biggest news right now is that their lifetime membership offer is on sale right now. They are offering lifetime membership in $9 only from the previous price of $45.

Let’s have a fun and enjoy shopping with amazing services at Shop and Ship. And of course, spread the word!