It’s again that time of the year when you put your old FIFA game to sleep and head out to the store to get a new one. PES 2020 is already out on the shelves and its FIFA counterpart is set to release the 2020 edition on September 27.

Over the decades we have seen a fierce battle between EA and Konami of the title of the best football simulation in the market. In the past decade, we have seen FIFA utterly dominate PES when it comes to sales and licenses. But, when it comes to the actual gameplay PES has always outperformed FIFA. And this time, Konami has secured some major licenses and is actually on an equal footing with FIFA after a long time.

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FIFA 19 and PES 19 review

The problems with FIFA 19

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FIFA 19 (Pinterest)

  • Let’s be honest here, although EA has been the dominant force of the decade and has a very loyal fanbase. There were a lot of high expectations from FIFA 19. EA had also just won the exclusive rights to the Champions League. The possibilities to turn FIFA 19 into an immersive simulation were endless. However, the response for the FIFA 2019 was lukewarm at the best. Fans were disappointed with some major aspects of the game, especially the gameplay.
  • The AI defending in 19 caused serious outrage within the FIFA community. You could just drop your controller and let the AI defend you. Moreover, the skill moves are virtually useless as you can never beat a defender with them. The timed finishing is another major letdown. Although it is an interesting concept to make the gameplay more realistic. But in reality, it is horrendous and just unplayable at times.
  • On Fifa 19 a workable balance in between timed finishing, auto defending and goalkeeper movements have not been struck. You could clearly see the matches have been riddled with unfairness that is hard to justify. These gameplay issues are the key reasons that Fifa 19 is one of the most unpopular Fifa’s of all time.

Why innovation is needed in Fifa 20? 

  • The other problem with FIFA 19 is that it kind of alienates casual gamers. As some modes in the game such as the Ultimate Team Mode requires a lot of your time or money to build an average team that can compete. The career mode and the Pro Clubs have also stagnated over the years and are in desperate need of Over haul.
  • Fifa always evolves over the course of a year, the gameplay understandably needs tweaking, but the problems ran far deeper last season. Fifa seriously needs to come up with their A-game in the 2020 edition as the discontent amongst the Fifa community is growing.

PES showing consistency over the years

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PES 2019 (Pinterest)

  • On the other hand, the smaller but more hardcore fan base of PES was delighted with the PES 19 edition. Although Konami had just lost the exclusive rights for Champions League to Fifa. It didn’t matter much as football is a game that is played on the pitch. PES has always excelled on the pitch and it was no different for the 19 edition. The gameplay is more immersive and realistic than Fifa 19 on a large scale.
  • However, outside the gameplay, there is not much that PES can offer. They even lost out their exclusive rights for Champions League to Fifa. This is the main reason PES is less popular than Fifa. PES 19 also doesn’t offer much when it comes to different modes. They did unveil the My club which is supposed to be like the ultimate team in Fifa. There is also the Master League which is a career mode. It’s the random selection mode which is the best mode in PES. In this, a facet of the game as well, Fifa edges past PES.
  • If you are a football purist who wants attention to details. As well as good support from the community, and you want an amazing feeling when you do a slick passing move. Then PES is the game for you.

FIFA 20 and PES 20


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PES 2020 (Pinterest)

With PES 2020 Komani seems to set on making a statement. From the addition of E-football on the franchise to the shiny new interface and the improvements made in the presentation. There is definitely a new coat of polish in the franchise. On top of that, the PES 2020 does most of its talking on the pitch. Where the actual simulation aspects remain its biggest strengths, as it has always been.


  • The gameplay remains as best as ever, or maybe even better due to some small tweaks made by Konami. Konami has made changes but most of them are superficial and there is not much that actually refreshes the series like many had hoped for. The gameplay has become a bit slower giving more emphasis on the tactical side of the game. The opposing teams are equipped with better AI making the games more competitive.
  • There are many factors that will actually matter like your player’s body position while receiving or passing the ball, better dribbling abilities and so on that makes the gameplay more realistic. Konami has also installed a new default camera which mirrors the Matchday Broadcast much more closely. Playing PES 2020 will give you a feeling of watching a live game on TV.
  • The Master League which is the career mode was in a dire need of a change. Although it has seen some improvements regarding transfers and storylines, it doesn’t make much of a difference. it is the same master league experience that we have been seeing in PES for years now. Outside the master league, My Club has also virtually remained unchanged.


  • Konami has backed the improvements on the pitch by improvements in the presentation as well. They have vastly improved the visual aspect of the game, especially regarding the user interface. Konami has changed the dull interface that has been sported by the franchise for many years. They have also revamped the menus by taking a fresh and minimalistic approach.


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Juventus, PES 2020 exclusive. (pintrest)

  • It’s not very often that the PEs fans get to brag about having something that FIFA doesn’t have. However, the Italian giants Juventus have teamed up with PES and have become an exclusive partner. This means that Fifa 20 will not be featuring Juventus this time around. But either way, this is a good addition for the sake of the fans as well as the franchise.
  • Konami also has exclusive rights to some other leagues in South America and Eastern Europe. It can also brag about exclusive rights to some of the most iconic stadiums of football such as the Camp Nou and the Allianz Arena.
  • One of the biggest coups for the PES 2020 is the were able to secure the official rights for the Euro 2020. This will definitely help PES to recover from the blow that they suffered last season when they lost the rights for the Champions League to the EA. Euro 2020 is a big event in the footballing world. It will surely attract more fans for the franchisee who will look to emulate their idols of Euro 2020 in their gaming consoles. This smart move from PES has finally put them on equal footing with FIFA after a long time.


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The standard Edition (

EA will officially release the Fifa 20 on the 24th of September, however, they released some demo versions and we have an idea of what to expect from the latest version of the FIFA. They have made a lot of enhancements in the gameplay as expected. As a result, FIFA20 is expected to do better than its predecessor.


  • As a whole, the FIFA 20 gameplay seems to be much better than FIFA 19. EA has fixed a lot of major issues regarding the goalkeeper movements and AI defending. They have also introduced a host of new skill moves in FIFA20. The good thing is that these moves have a chance of beating the defenders if timed properly. You can dribble much better than Fifa 19 as EA has now put more emphasis on 1v1xsituatons rather than the AI defending.
  • EA has announced a new feature called the composed finish. This has resulted in consistent finishing when inside the box and has made it difficult for long shots to go in making the gameplay more realistic. The free-kicks and penalty mechanics have also finally received a revamp after years of stagnation. Aiming, stance, power, and spin are the four mechanics around which the new system has been based. Although it may not be perfect, still it is a refreshing change.
  • Moreover, EA is claiming that they have totally reworked the system of ball physics. The ball now bounces in a more natural way in contrast to those awkward bounces in Fifa 19. This feature will definitely have an impact on the overall gameplay. It may help in creating more passing lanes than before and the different variations of shots can have different trajectories of ball movement in the air.


  • There is a new mode in Fifa 20 that has the whole community excited. That is the Volta mode, which makes you roll back the years and reminisce the Fifa Street Days. It lets you customize your players in many ways. For instance, you can choose your gender and accessorize your character. This model also has five stadiums around the world and has modes like 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 and also professional futsal leagues.
  • EA has finally revamped, the much popular Pro Club Mode of the franchise after years of demand from the fans. They have added new customization and traits to the game with a detailed menu for customizing your pro. The best addition to this mode is definitely one of the house rules. You will find that the Pro Club is now integrated with the house rules, which were present in the kick-off mode last season.


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Volta Mode FIFA 2020 (Pintrest)

  • This is the platform in which Fifa has always been superior to PES. They still hold the exclusive license for the Uefa Champions League. Moreover, they have rights over the most popular leagues of Europe like the Premier League and La Liga. The Volta mode is also a FIFA exclusive. Although PES has clawed its way back it is FIFA who still holds a slight upper hand in this department.
  • All in all, you will see a lot of new things in FIFA 20. The addition of the Volta mode has created a buzz within the Fifa community. This seems to be a step in the right direction for EA after the horrendous FIFA 19.

Final verdict

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PES has done a mighty job this season and has finally started to catch up with Fifa. PES excels in gameplay but is seriously lacking in the mode section of the game. However, both of these are classic games and have been competing with each other for many decades now. Each of them caters to a different set of fans. Those who want a more immersive football simulation go for PES. Whereas, FIFA provides more of better overall football experience.

If I had to choose one, I would go for FIFA 20 due to the mode variations and the overall football experience. But PES is also an excellent option and every year they are closing the gap between Konami and FIFA. If they continue their upward trajectory I see PES as the future football simulation in the next generation consoles.