Facebook may have 1 billion users, but it also has millions who take a peculiar dislike towards this Social Media platform.  Here are three main reasons why: 

1. Over three million targeted ads that disrupt user experinece.

2. Too many fake accounts that are often used to stalk.

3. Facebook has been accused of privacy breaches.

People are gradually losing interest for these primary reasons, but that does not mean Social Media is not a thing of the future. Introducing Ello, the latest Social Media site that has created a buzz as the anti-Facebook social network. 

VoucherCodesUAE brings you all you need to know about Ello.

What is Ello?


Ello is an artsy and minimalistic social media platform that was started by 7 people as a private project in 2014. Fast-forward to 2021, the anti-Facebook app has over 1 million active users. The site started as a Facebook-like incarnation that evolved to Pinterest style. This Social Media app is ideal for artists, fashion enthusiasts, photographers, visual artists, and creative designers who are always looking out to support and inspire. Start your artistic journey, nurture your creativity and extend your network with this new social media app that is continuously on the rise.

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10 features of Ello that makes it better than FacebookEllo features

Ello>Facebook. If you are wondering what makes this Social Media platform so interesting and worthwhile, here are 10 features that have been attracting audiences like never before.

Invite only policy

Ello is a free social media app. However, it works on an invite-only policy. It’s simple! All you need to do is register on the website and request an invitation. Also, each member is allotted 25 invites which can be used to grant access to their contacts.


The latest growing social media app claims to treat its users like humans and not data. Unlike other social media platforms in which everything you do from liking to sharing is converted into data and sold to the advertisers. It is a platform to connect and grow with claims of zero deception or manipulation.

Easy usage

The creator’s site further boasts to be extremely simple and user-friendly. The format of the website is very clean and has minimal options. While there might be updates in the future, for now the platform is as simple and user-friendly as it can be.

Free to use

Ello is free to use apart from a few premium features which cost a tiny sum and stay in your account forever. Other than this, this new social media app is completely free to use.

Ello has No ads!

Ello, unlike other social media networks, follows a no-ads rule. There is no data mining. Moreover, the app does not sell its data to advertisers and third parties.

Convenient and user-friendly app

The app is just as simple and convenient to use as the website. Both for android as well as iOS, the app is very user-friendly and convenient.

Targeted features for creators

Ello is the storehouse for great features that helps creators make better content every time, The app allows simple commenting, views per image, Google Analytics, compressors, and more. All of this has been incorporated to make usage convenient for the users.

Smooth newsfeed

The news feed has been divided into two parts or streams. These are the Friends and Noise respectively. On the friend’s tab you can see all the news feeds of your friends while the Noise features global posts.

Public network

Ello is a public network where people can share their content. The app has a minimum age requirement of 13 years.

How to sign up for Ello?

signing up to Ello

Signing up for Ello is simple. However, you need to have an invite code from either the network itself or the users each of whom is provided with 25 invites each. Those who do not have any one they know on Ello can be put on the waiting list after providing their e-mail address. 

Here are the steps to sign up to Ello

  • After getting the invite code, go to the Ello website to join.
  • Your invitation code is mostly pre-filled. However, you might have to fill it in if not available.
  • Choose your username. Your username is verified if a green dot appears to the right of the window. 
  • Create a password of 8 characters and press “Create Account.”

Once the sign-up process is completed you will be directed to the official home account of Ello. @ello will be the first follower on every new account. 

Am I the right person to be on Ello?

Why join Ello social Media

There are multiple Social Media apps such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. These are great for promoting blogs and websites. However, if you are an artist or a designer you might want to extend your options and move on to Ello. This social media platform focus on creating opportunities for creators. Once you cultivate some good and reliable connections, Ello itself elevates users it finds interesting. 

Here are a few programs on Ello for promoting artists.

Ello Art Giveaway 

Each week, Ello finds three art pieces from creators which are then promoted and sold off to sponsors and given to random users. This in turn means that the artist gets a sale and a user gets a free piece of art. Furthermore, the artist gains followers and increases his network!

Arts Editorial 

Each day the Ello Curatorial team features community members on their home page and their social profile and the editorial homepage. This in turn boosts artists and their work attracting more followers and views to expand their network.

Ello’s Not for Print 

Ello prints a  “Not for Print” titled publication on a quarterly basis. The name of the publication is ironic as the publication is actually printed on real paper. The issues follow creative themes and the artists are chosen by a vetted panel of impartial judges. 


Ello publishes Underscore quarterly which is a book collection. Ten artists are chosen on a quarterly basis and one artist qualifies to feature on Underscore and the remaining nine get a featured interview. 

Ello Artist Collective 

The Ello Artist Collective is an invitation-only group exclusive to the top talents on the platform. All the established artists are represented in the group. However, emerging talents are also included. The members are invited to participate in projects. 

Ello continues to appeal to creators and emerging artists. Join the Ello community and start your creative journey. Sign up from your laptop or download the app and start sharing. If you are looking for the best laptops for creative usage here are the top laptops under AED 2000.