The joy of celebration is always in the thought of giving. As we gear up for Eid Al Adha, the spirit of the festival reflects in all those hunting for the perfect gift to give a loved one. The festival of sacrifice, as Eid Al Adha is called, brings families together in order to celebrate the triumph of Prophet Abraham.

The duties to keep in mind during the period include sharing a meal, looking your best, applying perfume, visiting relatives, looking after the less fortunate and exchanging gifts.

We at VoucherCodesUAE Blog wish you all a very happy Eid Mubarak, and offer you an exclusive codes to use when purchasing a gift item for your beloved. Correction. A perfect gift item for your beloved in resonance with the beliefs of Eid.


Eid Gifts

Orchard basket (Harry and David)

A basket is an ideal and a generic gift to give families to celebrate the spirit of Eid. Why? Because food is an integral part of the celebration and sharing it is equally joyful. Variety of baskets are available in the market and you can readily customize it and fill it with special delicacies such as dates, and almonds or even homemade sweets.

Alarm clock

Eid Gifts

Charleston Vintage alarm clock

Waking up early is a crucial part of the festival and what better gift than an alarm clock? You may say that phones are the new alarm clock but do you know how easy it is to snooze and discard the phone to get more sleep? Even worse is the fact that we check anxiety-inducing social apps on our phones as soon as we snooze the alarm. An alarm clock, as archaic as it may be, is actually a very healthy gift to give, especially during the Eid season.

New clothes

Eid Gifts

H&M new collection

It is in the tradition to wear new clothes during Eid so clothes are definitely an essential gift for the festival. Familiarize yourself with his/her fashion, and make sure the gift makes the person happy. With thousands of varieties of clothes available, it is often tricky to get the perfect one. Depending on how well you know the person, your success is guaranteed. If not, then gift vouchers from their favorite brands should definitely help.


Eid Gifts

Gucci Bloom

When you smell good, you not only show respect for yourself but also for those around you. Perfumes are a very personal choice so ensure your selection appeals to him and her. We have shortlisted and reviewed the best perfumes of the season, so all you need to do is look it up. Here are six scents of the summer for him and her.


Eid Gifts

Fendi Watch

Watches are one of the most common gifts that are given during Eid. Besides completing a look and giving a perfect edge, it is a thoughtful gift of time. During Eid, a lot of things run of specific timetable and gifting someone a watch can mean you’re in the lookout for them.

These general gift items are in harmony with the ideals of Eid, so shop away, and don’t forget to check out exclusive Eid discount codes from VoucherCodesUAE.