Hey! Eid is around the corner, have you got your wife the gift she wants? No? We know the lockdown is going strong but that is not an excuse. Especially when you can have it delivered at your doorsteps! Don’t worry, we got your back this time, let’s see what can be the best Eid gifts for your wife.

A little surprise is a sweet gesture, and it is sure to place a smile on the face you adore. To celebrate your caring approach, VoucherCodesUAE brings you an entire plethora of deals, coupons, and exciting offers that will make your gift hunting a bit more easy and pocket friendly.


Eid gifts for your wife

Yves Saint Laurent Libre

A soothing fragrance will remind her of you, whenever she sprays it on. Explore over 700 brands of perfumes from Goldenscent, your ultimate stop for the best perfumes in town.

Goldenscent is offering exclusive Eid offers with “buy one, get one free” deals. Get your wife, a fragrance to remember and our top recommendation is the Yves Saint Laurent Libre. With blended lavender and musk as the main focal notes and a hint of neroli, she will love you for it.


Eid gifts for your wife

A hijab would be a considerate and ideal option to gift during Ramadan or Eid. You can choose from the large collection of hijabs from Modanisa. You can get 10% off and free shipping with the code “ANDE”.


Must have Kaftans

Tribal Print asymmetrical kaftan

A symbol of royalty for the queen of your life. Kaftans are one of the must-have items in Ramadan fashion. Brands such as H&M, The Luxury Closet, SHEIN, etc, have brought Kaftans into the trendiest section. Get her one of these stylish add ons as the Eid gifts for your wife.

Our choice would be this Tribal Print Kaftan from SHEIN which will bring freshness and modesty to her outfit.

Wardrobe Upgrade

Eid gifts for your wife

A girl can never have too many clothes. Her wardrobe will always be incomplete without the latest and trendy styles. Right now, modest fashion is taking over the world by storm.

So, we got the must-have Ramadan fashion from SHEIN to add in your list of Eid gifts for your wife. For Ramadan and Eid shopping, you can use the code “SPR” for free standard shipping on all orders and “APPONLY” for 15% off on first order.


Sunglasses eid gift

Quarantine or not, your eyes do need protection from the harmful UV Ray’s coming right at your eyes. Even if it is just a backyard work or some gardening, get her a pair of sunglasses right now!

After this lockdown is over, a vacation is due, so buy the basic sunglasses from Eyewa, for the dream vacation you are planning on. It may just become the start of another eid gifts for your wife!


Eid gifts for your wife

A perfect daily skincare routine is imperative during this lockdown. As this lockdown brings forth a time to let your skin breathe with no pollutants or makeup to layer on.

You can build your own personalized basket according to your wife’s skin type. Get your hands on the best skin products from Feelunique and use the code “FEU100” to get 10% off your order.

Swarovski Watches

Eid gifts for your wife

Crystalline glam watch

A watch represents the style, value and gives the fashion statement of an individual. Where could you find a watch to match the elegance of your better half? The answer is Swarovski.

Choose from the elegant design collection of Swarovski watches, give her the best time she deserves. Our choice would be the Crystalline glam watch with the metal bracelet in rose gold.


Eid gifts for your wife

Let us be real, the lockdown is saving us and our loved ones, but it has also become the source of all the boredom we never knew existed! Thank God, we have modern electronics to keep us engaged and kill time during this quarantine.

In the list of eid gifts for your wife, we recommend you add some of the electronic items. From treadmills to headphones, you can choose any item to keep her entertained.


Eid gifts for your wife


Diamonds are truly a girl’s best friend. Make her shine with Swarovski and spread a smile across her face. The crystals from Swarovski will perfectly keep your memories together forever.

They have beautiful sets that your wife will love, our choice is the Perfection set, a rhodium-plated jewelry set which is “perfection” itself.

You can choose from their amazing collection, and use the code “SW9” on your order and get 10% off.


Eid gifts for your wife

After diamonds, it is safe to say that handbags are a girl’s true friend. They come in every shape and size and have evolved to solve all the problems that dress without pockets have created.

Get the best handbags from Styli as the perfect Eid gifts for your wife. You can use code “DC009” to get 10% off your order!

Gift card

Best Eid gifts for your wife

If you’re confused with all the options, we can give you the best option out of all, a gift card! You can get your loved one, an ecard for their purchases. Still, having doubts? Here are 10 reasons why gift cards are the best gifts!

You can personalize gift cards from You got a gift as Eid gifts for your wife. A shopping spree sitting at home doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all! Al giftcard is a newly launched gift card site, and it guarantees the best gift cards in all of MENA. Check it out.

We hope you have an amazing Eid with your loved one and be sure to make the most out of every day during this lockdown. Who knows whether we will get this time back again. Stay safe, stay home, and be healthy, the outside world is waiting to greet you post-pandemic.

We got you the best Eid gifts for your wife along with exciting offers and deals. Make her smile with these eid gifts, lockdown cannot be an excuse.